Workshop “Agile Knowledge Sharing for Distributed Software Teams” in Conjunction with SE2008
The increasing number of distributed software development projects in particular in the Open Source field, as well as the success of agile development methodologies raise new challenges for collaboration and knowledge sharing for software teams:
  • Distributed development hinders knowledge sharing because of reduced communication bandwidth. Despite progress in communication technology, distributed teams have less context information and encounter more awareness difficulties. Research has shown that distributed teams are less efficient than collocated ones.
  • Agile methodologies embrace tight collaboration and informal communication, manifesting in practices such as frequent Scrum meetings or pair programming. These practices dismiss unnecessary” formal overhead like extensive documentation.

Traditional centralized knowledge management solutions fail to ddress these challenges. They require large upfront configuration and investment as well as stable, long-term environments. However, in dynamic software projects, developers avoid spending extra effort for following formal and extensive knowledge management policies. Knowledge Management methods and tools have to adapt themselves with the current development practices.
In this workshop, we aim at bringing together researchers from various disciplines and backgrounds. Thereby, one major goal is to establish a research community around the crosscutting topic of Agile Knowledge Sharing in Distributed Software Teams.

In addition to the workshop, we plan to launch a community portal at the beginning of 2008. The portal aims at providing an overview of people, papers and projects in the field as well as networking and communication facilities.

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