Game Browser Demo You can find a preview of the game browser here. This demo uses the GameBrowser class that will be incorporated in the Launcher.
Peer Detection Demo You can find the Network-Team demo here. This demo is based on JRendezvouz by Strangeberry Inc. It demonstrates the peer detection in a local network.
Algorithm Demo You can find the first Algorithm-Team demo here. This demo shows, how map parameters are computed by a randomized algorithm.
FRAG Demo You can find the first FRAG-Team Demo here. You will have to start the .jar-file two times. One time with the parameter '1' and a second time with the parameter '2'.

You will see two objects, one is controlled by the first instance and the second one by the second instance. The two instances are connected by a TCP-Connection. That means, the two instances could be running on two different computers as well.

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