Development Guidelines

Requirements As you all know from the posting by Georg, we are going to do the service specification part of the ODD by generating code from the Together UML class-diagrams and documenting the generated code with JavaDoc and OCL. Therefore, it is required, that if you don't know enough about it, follow the JavaDoc and OCL links on this page and get into it.

Java Guidelines Most importantly are the Sun Java Naming Conventions and here is the link to the Java Code Conventions.

You can find our tutorial on the Java Development Styleguide here.

Javadoc You have to use Javadoc to document your code

Here's a link to the Sun Javadoc Documentation
OCL As we decided to use OCL, you can get a Document about it from the lecture of Prof. Bruegge here.
CVS Tree
build/our build dirctory. This is the directory where Ant puts the compiled files
build/ARENA.pbprojthe Project Builder files
build/together/the together files
doc/the files for the project documentation
src/the source file directory
src/org/the source files for SWORD and FRAG :
src/com/the source files for JRendevouz
src/test/orgthe directories for the JUnit test classes
lib/libaries which we are using
CVS Guidelines
  • Don't check in source code that doesn't compile
  • Make sure that the source code complies with our development guidelines
You can find the CVS-Tutorial here.

Here's a link to the CVS Documentation.
General Pease write JUnit tests for every class.
JUnit Here's the JUnit Tutorial

Here's the link to the JUnit Documentation

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