Session Chair:Nadine von Frankenberg

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  • Peter Holowka: Reimagining the Modern Physical Software Engineering Education and Training Environment [paper | poster | teaser | video]
  • Benjamin Reed: Teaching Hands-on Network Management [paper | poster | video]
  • Muhamamd Faisal, Atheel Redah and Sergio Montenegro: The Floating Satellite System as an Educational Platform for Space Applications [paper | poster | teaser | video]
  • Tommy Kubica, Lidia Roszko and Sinthujan Thanabalasingam: Towards the Creation of Customized Teaching Scenarios to Support Classroom Interaction [paper | poster | video]
  • Tommy Kubica, Robert Peine and Iris Braun: Role-based Group Formations and Interactions to foster Collaborative Learning in Large Classrooms [paper | poster | video]
  • Soma Datta and Mahrukh Mirza: Focusing on both Teaching Agile Software Development and Communication [paper | slides | video]
  • Takako Tanaka, Shinobu Saito and Yoichi Kato: Do Pipe Cleaners Help Software Engineers to Understand Agile Mindset? [paper | poster | video]
  • Panos Linos and Steve Chenoweth: Teaching Machine Learning: A vehicle towards introducing computing in undergraduate education [paper | poster | teaser | video]
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