Project-Based Learning

Session Chair: Andreas Bollin

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  • Markus Borg: Making Programming Lab Sessions Mandatory – On Student Work Distribution in a Gamified Project Course on Market-Driven Software Engineering [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussants: Øystein Nytrø, Anh Nguyen Duc
  • Øystein Nytrø and Anh Nguyen Duc: Unreined Students or Not: Modes of Freedom in a Project-Based Software Engineering Course [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Jari Porras
  • Jari Porras: Impact of Real-World Capstone Project in an Acquisition Of Soft Skills Among Software Engineering Students [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Markus Borg
  • Vincent Ribaud: Scaling up a Project-Based SQL Course [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Raphael Brüngel
  • Raphael Brüngel: Project-Based Learning in a Machine Learning Course with Differentiated Industrial Projects for Various Computer Science Master Programs [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Vincent Ribaud
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