Selections from Workshop Papers

Watch available Author-Prepared Presentation Videos


  • Joan Arnedo-Moreno: Programming is fun! A Survey of the STEAM digital distribution platform [paper | slides | teaser | video]
  • Thomas Voit, Alexander Schneider and Mathias Kriegbaum: Towards an Empirically Based Gamification Pattern Language using Machine Learning Techniques [paper | slides | teaser | video | project web-site]
  • Thomas Auer and Michael Felderer: Gamified Internet of Things Testing within a Virtual Learning Environment — towards the Interactive Simulation Game “IoTCityLab” [paper | slides | teaser | video]


  • Carlos Mario Zapata Jaramillo, Grissa Vianney Maturana González and Johnathan Mauricio Calle Gallego: A board game to simulate the software development process based on the SEMAT Essence standard [paper | slides | teaser | video]
  • Marcello Missiroli and Paolo Ciancarini: Teaching the Essence of software development [paper | slides | teaser | video]


  • Norbert Englisch, René Bergelt and Wolfram Hardt: An Educational Platform for Automotive Software Development and Test [paper | slides | teaser | video]