Teaching/Learning Strategies and Challenges

Session Chair:Don Baggert

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  • Alicia M. Grubb: Reflections on Course Blogs in First-year CS [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Bernd Westphal
  • Bernd Westphal: On Complementing an Undergraduate Software Engineering Course with Formal Methods [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Andreas Vorwald
  • Andreas Vorwald: Teaching Novices Supervised Learning with Autonomous Model Vehicles [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussants: Nancy Mead and Anne Kohnke
  • Nancy Mead and Anne Kohnke: Secure Sourcing of COTS Products: A Critical Missing Element in Software Engineering Education [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Alicia M. Grubb
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