Teaching Programming (And DevOps)

Session Chair: Pierre Bourque

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  • Wladymir A. Brborich: An Observational Study on the Maintainability Characteristics of the Procedural and Object-oriented Programming Paradigms [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Axel Böttcher
  • Axel Böttcher: Alignment of Teaching and Electronic Exams and Detection of Error Patterns for an Introductory Programming Class [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Liia Butler
  • Liia Butler: Data-Driven Investigation into Variants of Code Writing Questions [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Wladymir A. Brborich
  • Mark Hills: Introducing DevOps Techniques in a Software Construction Class [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussants: Robert Chatley and Ivan Procaccini
  • Robert Chatley and Ivan Procaccini: Threading DevOps Practices Through a University Software Engineering Programme [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Mark Hills
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