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Dr. Stephan Krusche receives Ars Legendi Prize

Presse-Mitteilung-BildDr. Stephan Krusche received the Ars Legendi Prize (endowed with 25.000 EUR), presented by 4ING and the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, for outstanding and innovative university education at the Technical University of Munich. The Departmental Student Council and the Informatics faculty nominated Stephan for the Ars Legendi Prize and praised his involvement in the development of the online learning platform Artemis. The jury stated: "It is important to note that Dr. Krusche is not being honored for just one outstanding course, but rather for his overall commitment to teaching. He focuses on the success of all students, and not only the top performers, both in the introductory phase of their studies and in large-scale courses with up to 2000 enrolled." Stephan has received his award in an online lecture on July 23, 2020.

Academic Work Award for Paul Schmiedmayer

Paul-Schmiedmayer---Academic-Work-AwardOn December 13, 2019, Paul Schmiedmayer was awarded the Academic Work Award for his outstanding work during his master's studies at the Technical University of Munich. The award honors outstanding accomplishments in the study programs "Master of Informatics" and "Master of Information Systems" at the TUM Department of Informatics. Paul Schmiedmayer (Master of Informatics) and Charlie Pascal Groh (Master of Information Systems) have been awarded the Academic Work Award for their respective study programs in 2019. The award is endowed with 500€.

Paul Schmiedmayer finished his master studies in March 2019 with the best possible grade. He wrote his Bachelor's Thesis about "Prototyping during Requirements Elicitation" under the supervision of Prof. Bernd Brügge. His Master's Thesis titled "A Dynamic Fog Architecture in Smart Environments" was written during his time as a visiting researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. During his studies, he has been working on multiple projects in various roles at the Chair of Applied Software engineering. Paul is currently pursuing a dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Bernd Brügge.

Tutors wanted in the Education of Software Engineering

We will again teach a large interactive course Introduction to Software Engineering (EIST) in the summer 2020 with more than 1800 students with special emphasis on blended and experiential learning, mixing theory with exercises. The course focuses on software development with exercises on analysis, design, modeling, programming and testing. It uses the interactive learning system Artemis to enhance the learning experience of students and reduce the grading effort of tutors. 

We are looking for motivated tutors who help us in the preparation and conduction of exercises. If you are interested, please fill out the application form until 26 January 2020 with your motivation, CV and transcript of records.

EIST Tutor Application

Prof. Brügge receives Teaching Award from the Bavarian State

The award recognizes his work as one of the best lecturers at Bavarian universities. On 22 November 2019, Science Minister Bernd Sibler awarded the "Prize for Good Teaching" to 15 Bavarian university teachers in the Audimax of the University of Passau. One of them was Prof. Bernd Brügge.

With this award, the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts annually honors the work of the best university teachers. In addition, the award signals that teaching is on an equal footing with research tasks. The award is endowed with EUR 5000.

Science Minister Bernd Sibler pointed out the importance of teaching. The outstanding reputation of our universities is largely due to the committed and outstanding work of our university teachers. They give young people access to new worlds, complex topics and far-reaching contexts. With their work, they are companions and role models for the future designers of tomorrow!

Visual Paradigm

As an Academic Training Partner of Visual Paradigm, TUM - Institut fuer Informatik - Lehrstuhl 1 is granted the use of Visual Paradigm for UML modeling, business process modeling, database design, etc.
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Teaching Award for Dr. Stephan Krusche

For the second time in a row, Dr. Stephan Krusche received the TeachInfAward for his course Project-Organization and Management. The course was offered in the summer semester 2018 to more than 500 students and included interactive elements such as quizzes, programming and modeling exercises where students received immediate feedback after their submissions.

The positive lecture evaluation by the students and the award demonstrate that interactive learning is possible even in large lectures. The award was granted on June 29, 2019 by the student council (Fachschaft MPI) for his outstanding teaching performance.

Patterns in Software Engineering - Tutors wanted

We will teach the course patterns in software engineering in the winter semester 2019/20. The courses has a special emphasis on blended and experiential learning, mixing theory with exercises. We expect more than 300 students in the lecture and heavily rely on automated testing for the exercise conduction. Therefore, we are looking for motivated tutors who help us in the preparation and conduction of exercises. If you are interested, please fill out the application and we will get back to you shortly.

Top teaching trophy for Jan Knobloch

Jan Knobloch has won the top teaching trophy for offering the best education in the course Engineering Informatics 2. He was awarded by the student council of the Munich School of Engineering of the Technical University of Munich. With this outstanding education, innovative approaches and tools, he contributes to the learning success of the students in Informatics. Jan received the price from Emily Spicker, the head of the evaluation department in July 2019.

2019 TCSE Distinguished Education Award for Prof. Bernd Brügge

Outstanding contribution to the teaching of software engineers over three decades

The IEEE Computer Society Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE) has awarded the 2019 TCSE Distinguished Education Award to Prof. Bernd Brügge. His outstanding contribution to the education of thousands of software engineers over three decades, including the development of a textbook used by many institutions around the world led to that decision.

The award has been presented at the International Conference on Software Engineering 2019 (ICSE) in Montréal, Canada, by TCSE Chair Rick Kazman.

iPraktikum Team Receives SmartHome Deutschland Award 2019

For the third time in a row, an iPraktikum team got first place in the category "best student achievement" ("Beste studentische Leistung") at the SmartHome Deutschland Award 2019: with the industry partner iHaus, they developed the CityJuice system during the winter term 2018/19.

A common problem in neighborhoods with an increasing number of electric cars is the price for a charging station and a lack of possibilities to charge. Additionally, the distribution of energy may become a problem when every car owner operates a charging station. The team of ten students developed the iHaus CityJuice system that aims to solve these problems by providing charging station owners with a simple and intuitive way to share free capacities and car owners with a way to find available charging slots. An intelligent component decides, when and for how long a car can be loaded to guarantee a hassle-free transition to the next loading process. In the future, the system may automatically instruct the electric cars to drive to the next available charger and control the charger. CityJuice promotes this vision by providing an autonomous component that can communicate with cars and send instructions for the charging process.

As part of an event in the Rotes Rathaus in Berlin on May 29, 2019, the students presented the project and received the award for the first place. The SmartHome Deutschland initiative represents a trade-spanning, interdisciplinary communication platform to enable information exchange between regional smart home organizations and representatives of research, development, industry, commerce, and craft.