Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

iPraktikum and related courses, summer 2016

We will offer the iPraktikum again in the coming summer semester! We are looking for participants in various roles. Would you like to learn about software engineering in an applied setting while developing a mobile application? Apply as a Developer for the practical course iPraktikum.

If you have already participated in a project at our chair, consider applying for the seminar/practical course Advanced Project Management. In this course, you get to take on the role of a Coach and learn about agile project management in a real project.

Are you an experienced iOS developer? Apply to be a Tutor in our introductory courses and teach beginners how to develop in Swift as participant in the (pro)seminar Teaching iOS. You prepare an interactive tutorial and help students during the course.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Dora Dzvonyar or ios (at)


Werner-von-Siemens-Ring foundation awards young scientist

Since 1978, the technical and scientific associations of the Werner-von-Siemens-Ring foundation honor young nature scientists and engineers. The young scientists receive a honor medal and a certificate, and are invited to join events of the foundation. The Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) recommended Stephan Krusche as young scientist for his successful research in the area of agile development and continuous software engineering.

The Werner-von-Siemens-Ring foundation followed the recommendation. Prof. Dr. Joachim Ullrich, the chairmen of the foundation, honored Stephan in addition to four other researchers in natural sciences as young scientist 2015 in a colloquium in Berlin. Stephan had the opportunity to present his research about agile development and continuous software engineering to the members of the foundation.

Stephan is the third researcher of the Chair for Applied Software Engineering who received the award. He follows Timo Wolf and Walid Maalej who received the award in 2007 and 2010. 

CSE Workshop @ SE 2016

CSEThe Chair for Applied Software Engineering is co-hosting the 1st International Workshop on Continuous Software Engineering together with RWTH Aachen and FAU Nürnberg. The workshop will take place on February 23, 2016 in Vienna. A detailed description of the topics covered and the call for papers can be found on the CSE16 website. We are looking forward to your paper submissions and great discussions!

Atlassian Summit

AtlassianTwo members of the Chair presented how we scale our courses with tool support at AtlassianSummit 2015 in San Francisco. Lukas and Dora talked about how the Atlassian stack supports instructors in their daily work and allows them to teach applied software engineering to hundreds of students at the same time. The Summit also gave them numerous opportunities to get in contact with Atlassian's product managers, who were eager to get feedback and hear about how universities use their products. The recording of the presentation is available here.

CPSSC 2016 @ SE 2016

CPSSCThe Chair for Applied Software Engineering is hosting the 1st International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems in the Context of Smart Cities. It will take place on the 23rd of February 2016 in Vienna. This workshop is a forum for authors to present their early research findings in the field of Cyber-Physical Systems in the context of Smart Cities. The workshop aims at overviews, theoretical approaches, tools and frameworks, applications, system infrastructures and test beds for Cyber-Physical Systems. A detailed description and the Call for Papers can be found at CPSSC website. We are looking forward to receive your paper submissions.

Results of the iOS Praktikum 2015

In the iOS Praktikum 2015 more than 100 students worked in real projects with 10 companies. Find out more and watch videos of the final presentations on our project page!
 iCATCH PodCOM WireTab
ILAS Conada BMW Retail Analytics
Hack the Hotel BSB Navigator Fastlane
Allianz Healthy Living Audi Home   
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ILAS @ Automobilwoche Kongress

AutomobilKongress During the iOS Practical Course SS 2015 the Incident Localization and Assistance System (ILAS) has been implemented at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering. In cooperation with T-Systems International GmbH, ProGlove and the Institute of Automation and Information Systems at TUM, 8 students and Constantin Scheuermann as project leader implemented a system that supports production line experts during their maintenance routines. The core of the framework is the integration of a smart glove (ProGlove) in combination with a smart phone and a web application.
The project was successfully presented at T-Systems Innovation Center Munich and recently at Automobilwoche Kongress 2015 in Berlin. It will also be presented at this years 3rd IEEE ICCC International Workshop on Internet of Things in Shenzhen, China.
Thanks to Alexander Harlass, Galina Volynets, Johannes, Bachhuber, Konstantin Kromer, Leonardo Serra, Maximilian Strobel, Sri Vishnu Totakura and Ulrike Niemann for their great effort during the project.

First prize for computer science of Hans Riegel Stiftung

b2ap3_thumbnail_honor.jpgHendrik Noeller (the person to the right in the picture) participated in the innovative TUMKolleg program of the Otto-von-Taube-Gymnasium where school students have the chance to experience their first research at TU München in their final year in the Gymnasium. Hendrik took the change and did his research in the area of collaborative real time applications at the chair of applied software engineering.

In his excellent work he successfully improved a framework for the synchronization of data between different systems (iOS, OS X and Java applications) in real time and received the first prize for computer science of the Hans Riegel Stiftung in the large auditorium of the LMU. Stephan Krusche received the silver badge of honor of TUM for supervising his work.

Hendrik just finished the Abitur with the best possible grade and will study computer science at TU München in the upcoming winter semester. Then he can continue his research about collaborative real time applications at the chair of applied software engineering.

iOS Praktikum WS15/16

 We are looking forward to offer the iOS Praktikum again this winter term! First of all we look for students who participate as Developers. See Practical Course: iOS Praktikum for more information.

Additionally we also offer two related courses:

We are searching for Coaches who want to supervise a project team of the iOS Praktikum. As a coach you gain hands-on experience in project management. Additionally you can fulfill tasks like leading the release management or code quality team. For further information see Seminar/Practical Course: Advanced Project Management.

We also offer the seminar "Teaching iOS". If you are an experienced iOS developer you can take part as Tutor in the Swift introductory courses. You teach iOS beginners how to develop applications by preparing an interactive tutorial about an advanced topic and help in the organization. For further information see Seminar: Teaching iOS.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Lukas Alperowitz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Results of the iOS Praktikum WS14/15

In the iOS Praktikum WS14/15 more than 100 students worked in real projects with 9 companies. Find out more and watch videos of the final presentations on our project page!

 Agile Factory iCatch Virtual Reality App Launcher  
Kneehapp 2  Serious Games for Plant Recognition  Energy Wearhouse  
Retail Analytics Next Generation B2B App Store Accident Assistance
Digital Showroom Burglary Prevention  


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