Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

The iOS Praktikum 2012

The iOS Praktikum 2012 with more than 100 students will start with the Kickoff on 19th of April at HS1.

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Games Development with iOS

The seminar starts at Monday, 2nd of April, 9:00 am. Students first learn in interactive presentations how to develop games for iPhone or iPads.

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JASS 2012

The Joint Advanced Student School (JASS) in St. Petersburg (Russia) took place from 18th to 24th of March 2012 in cooperation between St. Petersburg Academic University and Technische Universität München (TUM).

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Pupils Publish Quiz Game in Apple Store

During Herbstuniversität eleven female pupils from 10th grade upwards developed a Quiz Game for the iPad. Herbstuniversität is a program of TUM with the goal to raise interest for natural sciences in female pupils.

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Technology Management @ CDTM

CDTM – mach mehr aus deinem Studium!

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The iOS Praktikum 2011

The objective of this course was the development of applications that experiment with modern user interface requirements. Students got to know background, tools and methods required to develop applications for the iOS.

In addition to software engineering concepts like object oriented analysis, design and realization of GUI based applications participants learned the key concepts of usability engineering.


For this course, real industrial partners provided their problem statements. Students got real team and project experience while actually using real data and working tightly together with the client.

In short: Students developed a real iOS application under real world conditions, including a real deadline.



Recommendation and configuration of audio profiles for hearing devices


iPad based center console for the R8


Bavarian Symphony Orchestra
A baton to learn conducting


Market research application for the customers of a super market


Adaptive non linear learning game


Logistics application for the management of an ice chest



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weMakeWords auf der Forscha 2010: Premiere einer neuen Generation von Lernspielen

FORSCHAweMakeWords auf der FORSCHA

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RFID-Anwendertag für die Metall- und Elektroindustrie

Der RFID-Anwendertag findet unter dem Motto "Möglichkeiten, Grenzen und Anwendungen der RFID-Technologie" statt.
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Manuel Junoy Memorial Prize auf der FISITA 2010

Auf dem diesjährigen FISITA World Automotive Congress in Budapest wurde Thomas Ganslmeier vom Institut für Informatik I1 mit dem „Manuel Junoy Memorial Prize“ ausgezeichnet, der alle zwei Jahre verliehen wird.

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One Laptop Per Child at the TU München

Björn and Max, our scholars for OLPC.Björn Birkenhauer and Max Wüstehube working on the project weMakeWords-OLPC
[...] "We have two awesome students (scholars to be correct) at our University for the next few weeks, doing a sort of internship at the TU. They will be working with the OLPC (to be specific, one of the two XO1.5's we've got) and develop a game activity for sugar.
My part in this was to inspire them to use the XO. They see it as a wonderful opportunity to participate in such a big project and I hope its a first step towards more open source at the University. Björn and Max are working like maniacs to progress as fast as possible.
They are writing a blog, where you can follow their progress and give them feedback if you want to. I would be happy if they can get as much feedback as possible, because they can learn a lot from it.
Read about what they to, why they do it and how far they are here:"

Felix Kaser, 26.04.2010

Felix Kaser is a student at Technische Universität München. He was introduced to open source during Google Summer of Code in 2008 where he worked with the GNOME community. His big hope is that in future the universities will teach more about open source, because it is becoming increasingly important: Many big projects are open source, others use open source libraries or frameworks. It is essential for students to learn how to work and interact with an open source community.