Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Seminar: Software Analytics - Applications of Machine Learning and Data Mining in Software Engineering WS16/17

At a glance

  • Credits: 4 ECTS
  • Possible module numbers: IN0014, IN2107, IN4691
  • Pre-course Meeting: Monday, June 27, 3:30pm, room 01.07.014
  • Kick-off Meeting: Friday, October 21, 10am – 12pm (noon), room 01.07.014
  • Presentation Meetings: Thursday, January 19 + Friday, January 20, 2017, on both dates from 2 – 5pm, room 01.07.014


This seminar deals with techniques from machine learning and data mining and surveys their application in software engineering. In particular, the seminar investigates how such techniques can be used to aid program comprehension, improve software quality, study developer and team dynamics as well as acquire usage information from user monitoring and user feedback. The overall goal is to extract relevant knowledge from data.

Each participant will be assigned a scientific paper which should be presented to the seminar audience in a presentation and a written report in form of a term paper. More specifically, each participant elaborates on a particular machine learning technique and one application of this technique in software engineering.


  • There will be a pre-course meeting on June 27 at 3:30pm for further information in room 01.07.014. This meeting is a mandatory requirement for participating in the seminar.
  • In the kick-off meeting on October 21, we will discuss research methods and the seminar topics (mandatory attendance).
  • The presentation meetings will be held on January 19 and 20, 2017 (mandatory attendance).
  • Indicate your interest in the seminar by sending an application mail to Jan Ole Johanßen containing your motivation of participating in the seminar, your programming experience, and your machine learning and data mining experience (max. 2-4 sentences per aspect). The deadline for your application mail is Wednesday, July 6, 2016, 11:59pm.
  • Use the matching system of the faculty to apply for the seminar.
  • English is the preferred language.


The grades will be based on the following criteria (more details will be were provided during the kick-off meeting):

  • Ability to do independent research
  • Oral presentation
  • Written term paper
  • Active participation in the seminar presentation meetings


The application process is structured as follows:

  1. Attend the pre-course meeting on June 27, 3:30pm
  2. Send an application mail to Jan Ole Johanßen as described in the Modalities latest July 6, at 11:59pm
  3. Prioritize the seminar in the matching system of the faculty between July 1 and July 6


The topics will be announced were announced during the kick-off meeting.

Instructors & Contact

For further information or questions, please contact Jan Ole Johanßen.

Bernd Brügge

Prof. Bernd Brügge, Ph.D.

 Tobias Röhm

Dr. Tobias Röhm

 Jan Ole Johanßen

Jan Ole Johanßen