Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

iPhone Praktikum 2010 - Team CaperWhite


Mission Statement

The goal of this project is the develop a T-Shirt design app for the iPad. The app allows the user to design a T-Shirt using decorations like text, shapes and images.

Our Client

CaperWhite is a software development and consulting company focusing on emerging mobile device and cloud computing platforms. We work with market leaders and technology visionaries to deliver pioneering, best-in-class software applications for the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Contact: Gerhard Miller and Florian Agsteiner



Johannes Schmidt


Moritz Höser


Yichen Mao


Stefan Kreminski


Viktorija Kuncaite


Andreas Schmidt



Coach: Felix Kaser


Instructor: Isara Anantavrasilp


Damir Ismailović


Nitesh Narayan


Dennis Pagano



Paper Prototypes 















One More Thing

With little modification, the team created a Car Designer app. Its basically just cutting out masks with an image processing program and adapting the plist files which specify the parts and decorate-able areas of the product and the plist files which specify the menu items.