Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

iPhone Praktikum 2010 - Team reprodukt


Mission Statement

The goal was very simple: Create an iPad App for shopping clothes. It should utilize graphic-effects where necessary to make the shopping experience be as appealing as possible. Additionally viewing products in a 360° view should be possible. At the end of the project, the app should be AppStore ready. The products, categories and shops should be loaded dynamically from a server using a custom-designed interface.


reprodukt medien
Our primary customer, reprodukt medien, acted as a proxy-customer.


Hirmer Große Größen
A branch of Hirmer, specialized on selling oversized clothes. The iPad App was beeing devoped for them.


Deutsche Daten
They are the ones responsible for the current online-shop solution and therefore the interface to the real products was developed in close cooperation with them.


Our app has been heavily advertised by reprodukt medien, because they intend to reuse it for other customers.



Our developer team consisted of five bachelor students and one master student.

Nils Ziehn


Thomas Walther


Philipp Willmertinger


Huang Xiao


Daniel Bergmann


Frank Ziegler



Coach: Matej Svejda


Instructor: Dennis Pagano


Instructor: Damir Ismailović




The look and fell of the app was developed in cooperation with the design-department of reprodukt group.
Some prototypes for the navigation bar:


... and the product list: