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Game based on published research won Family Choice Award 2013

b2ap3_thumbnail_emilundpauline.jpgEmil & Pauline in the Cave - Math Games 1
publisher: United Soft Media
developer: Serapion
Kids have a lot of fun meeting bats and goblins while exploring the world of maths with Emil the polar bear and Pauline the penguin. The App playfully provides, deepens, and consolidates the kindergarten and preschool Math skills in five educational games, and one award game that motivates to play again and again.


Math Games 1 - Screenshot


The game includes research results in Adaptivity of Serious Games published in the book Application of Adaptivity to Serious Games (

Math Games 1

Based on the adaptivity theory, the skill level in the game automatically adjusts to match the child’s skills in math and fine motoric development. The game conception has been checked by extensive scientific target group tests. Lovingly created graphics with an attention to detail provide a lot of fun and entertainment while learning.

Results of Seminar Games Development (WS13/14)
Gesucht: Coaches fürs iOS Praktikum 2014