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Noah's 20, Spooky's Castle and BreakTacular in the AppStore

Three adventure games - developed in the Seminar Games Development with iOS (SS13) - finally made it into the iOS AppStore.

Noah's 20

Noah needs your help! He tries to rescue the animals into his arch while the great flood is coming, but he needs someone who steers his ship! God challenges Noah with throwing objects that complicate Noahs plan to catch the animals. Luckily god also throws good things at Noahs ark (by Isabel Max and Pascal Schliski)

Download for free in the AppStore for iPhone and iPad:

Spooky Spooky hasn't been a ghost for very long, and he still has a lot to learn! Guide him through obstacles on his way through the castle by tilting your device. Whatever you do, don't let Spooky disappear of the screen. Collect power ups to help Spooky on his journey! Can you beat the highscore? (by Leonhard Spiegelberg and Dominik Münch)

Download for free in the AppStore for iPhone:


Get excited about the brand-new remake of the classic arcade game from 1976. Honoring the masterpiece "Breakout", we decided to enhance the gaming experience by adding a unique graphic style and some fancy game features. So grab your pad and check it out! (by Julian Geiger and Sebastian Speth)

Download for free in the AppStore for iPad:

Space Defense

Space Defense is a Tower Defense game where the player protects his planet from incoming spaceships. By destroying a spaceship the player gets credits, that he can use to build cannons. He can also get credits by collecting the diamonds appearing randomly on the map. (by Benedikt Loebbecke and Christian Eichhorn)

Download for free in the AppStore for iPad: 

If you like one of the games, please give us a nice review with five stars :-) and share the game with your friends! More information about the games and how they were developed can be found on the seminar website.


Development and AppStore submission were supported by:


Stephan Krusche Stephan Krusche Barbara Reichart
Results of iOS Praktikum 2013
iOS Praktikum 2013 - Client Acceptance Test

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