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One Laptop Per Child at the TU München

Björn and Max, our scholars for OLPC.Björn Birkenhauer and Max Wüstehube working on the project weMakeWords-OLPC
[...] "We have two awesome students (scholars to be correct) at our University for the next few weeks, doing a sort of internship at the TU. They will be working with the OLPC (to be specific, one of the two XO1.5's we've got) and develop a game activity for sugar.
My part in this was to inspire them to use the XO. They see it as a wonderful opportunity to participate in such a big project and I hope its a first step towards more open source at the University. Björn and Max are working like maniacs to progress as fast as possible.
They are writing a blog, where you can follow their progress and give them feedback if you want to. I would be happy if they can get as much feedback as possible, because they can learn a lot from it.
Read about what they to, why they do it and how far they are here:"

Felix Kaser, 26.04.2010

Felix Kaser is a student at Technische Universität München. He was introduced to open source during Google Summer of Code in 2008 where he worked with the GNOME community. His big hope is that in future the universities will teach more about open source, because it is becoming increasingly important: Many big projects are open source, others use open source libraries or frameworks. It is essential for students to learn how to work and interact with an open source community.
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