Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Jens Klinker

Office: 01.07.037 (FMI)
E-Mail: jens.klinker(at)
Phone: +49 89 289-18245
Technische Universität München
Institut für Informatik LS1
Digital Health Group
Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching b. München, Germany
Office hours by appointment—please contact me via mail.

Research Fields

Healthy Navigation & Traffic Simulations


  • iPraktikum20 Summer:  Project Lead (Quartett Mobile)
  • iPraktikum20 Winter: Program Management, Project Lead (Team B/S/H & Team Quartett Mobile)
  • iPraktikum21 Summer: Program Management Project Lead (Team B/S/H & Team SAP)
  • iPraktikum21 Winter: Project Lead (Zeiss Medical)
  • iPraktikum22 Summer: Customer (Zeiss-Software-Campus), Project Lead (Zeiss Medical)


  • TUM Healthy Navigation App
  • TUM4Health
  • Zeiss Vision App
  • Individualized Traffic Simulation


  • Avezum, M., Klinker, J. and Bruegge, B., 2019, September. Transportation Mode Recognition on Multi Modal Routes based on Mobile GPS Data. In 2019 4th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Engineering (ICITE) (pp. 141-146). IEEE.

  • Klinker, J., Selmi, M.H., Avezum, M. and Jonas, S., 2021. Introducing a Navigation Algorithm for Reducing the Spread of Diseases in Public Transport Networks. In Navigating Healthcare Through Challenging Times (pp. 113-121). IOS Press.

  • Klinker, Jens, et al. "Presenting a Statistical Approach for Transforming Standardized German Traffic Surveys into Origin-Destination Matrices." 2023 IEEE International Conference on Mobility, Operations, Services and Technologies (MOST). IEEE, 2023.

  • Klinker, Jens, Mariana Avezum-Mercer, and Stephan Jonas. "Improving GPS-Based Mode of Transport Detection in Multi-Modal Trips using Stop Analysis." 2023 IEEE International Conference on Mobility, Operations, Services and Technologies (MOST). IEEE, 2023.

  • Nissen, L., Hübner, J., Klinker, J., Kapsecker, M., Leube, A., Schneckenburger, M., & Jonas, S. M. (2023). Towards Preventing Gaps in Health Care Systems through Smartphone Use: Analysis of ARKit for Accurate Measurement of Facial Distances in Different Angles. Sensors, 23(9), 4486.

Thesis Supervisions

  • Creating a Personalized Medical Exercise Recommendation System for Navigation Applications
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Lisa Thiergart)
  • Generating Reliable Routes in Multimodal Transportation Networks Using Constraints
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Mohamed Hechem Selmi)
  • Developing a Healthy Navigation App from Existing Components
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Sven Adabaka)
  • Creating a Tool Recommendation System for Remote Working
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Melanie Schweiger)
  • Predicting a Foods NOVA Score Using different Machine Learning Approaches
    (Master's Thesis by Hardik Arora)
  • Body composition and speed performance in Bavarian children: A standardized analysis process and transfer to a common data model
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Anastasia Hadjistavrou)
  • Designing a Platform for the Exchange of Verifiable Sports and Health Information
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Johannes Christler)
  • Factors Influencing the Coordinative Performance of German Schoolchildren
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Lena Pigat)
  • Evaluating the change of attitude and behavior towards physical activity after exposure to alternative routing suggestions
    (Master's Thesis by Johann Rottenfußer)
  • Standardizing motor performance data using the OMOP Common Data Model: Influence of anthropometric measurements on strength in German schoolchildren
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Laura Zubeidat)

  • Data Filtering and Analysis of Interval Walking Exercises
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Joe Yu)
  • Digital Strategies in Healthcare System during COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Angelica Marcia)

  • Designing a Platform to Individualize Routing and Aggregate Movement Data in Urban Navigation Using Constraints
    (Master's Thesis by Bernhard Kreminski)

  • Planning, Designing, and Implementing a Knowledge Management System for Software Engineers
    (Thesis, Aufbaustudium Informatik by Carolin Weber)


  • Utilization of Smartphone Sensors for App-Based Recognition and Classification of Eye Diseases
    (Master's Thesis by Leon Nissen)


  • Implementation of a Tracking App to Extend the Calculation of Calories Burned during Bicycle Rides
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Martina Hinz)


  • How to Build on Top of an Existing Software-System with the Use Case of Improving a Healthy Navigation App
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Nikolai Madlener)


  • Assisting with Multimodal Return Trips in the Context of Night-Time Navigation
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Julian Ostarek)


  • Enabling Policy Enforcements in Routing Algorithms
    (Master's Thesis by Olena Galitska)


  • Visualizing the Effect of Restrictions on Munich's Transportation Network
    (Master's Thesis by Käthe Vrettos)


  • Implementing and Application for Managing and Coordinating (Assessment-)Data
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Benjamin Pabst)


  • Impact of Driving a Car on the Driver's Stress Level
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Robin Franke)


  • Designing Personalised Gamification for Fitness Applications
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Samuel Schöberl)


  • Designing a Platform to Recognize and Mitigate Stress Induced by Public Transportation
    (Master's Thesis by Ixhen Hasani)


  • From Application Prototypes to Production Ready Microservices
    (Master's Thesis by Benjamin Pabst)


  • Power-Aware Mobile Interfaces: Analyzing Sensor Energy Consumption for an Optimized Mobile Experience
    (Master's Thesis by Joe Yu)


  • Active Commuting Feedback: Evaluating the Potential of Sports-Comparable Metrics in Promoting Active Lifestyles
    (Master's Thesis by Bayram Ahmadov)


  • Improvement of Student Live Through Communication in Large Organizations
    (Bachelor's Thesis by Christoph Gruber)


  • Proposals on Designing a Reputation System for Data Receiver Trusting and Data Sharing from Mobile Applications
    (Guided Research by Klaudia Madhi)


  • Visualization and Manipulation of Public Transport Network Graphs
    (Master's Thesis by Felix Schrimper)

Creating a Personalized Medical Exercise
Recommendation System for Navigation Applications
Creating a Personalized Medicaxercise
Recommendation System for Navigation Applications