Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Softwaretechnik
Chair for Applied Software Engineering

Master’s Thesis

Topic: Development of a Plugin for Artemis in IntelliJ

The goal of this thesis is to provide an integration between the automatic assessment management system ArTEMiS and a Java IDE via a plugin. It aims at unifying the typical workflow when working on assignments. A student should be able to select an assignment, solve it, submit it to the test system, and receive feedback without having to leave the IDE.

The IntelliJ Platform provides a mature and potent base for the development of such an integration. Thanks to its plugin system, functionality such as the EduTools plugin can be developed in a clean and encapsulated fashion, while being able to use the features provided by the IDE programmatically.

This thesis is supported by JetBrains. JetBrains provides a coordinator at their Munich office (Sebastian Aigner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The candidate will be assigned a designated mentor from the Educational Tools Division at JetBrains and granted access to resources and know-how for development with the IntelliJ Platform.

Technologies involved:

  • IntelliJ Platform
    • Java
    • Kotlin, if desired
  • ArTEMiS
    • Java Spring with Hibernate on the Server
    • Angular 8 with TypeScript on the Client

Initial Reading: