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Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Design and implementation of a content management system for the serious game weMakeWords


Learning is an important part of life. High quality software can support the learning process and improve the learning success. The serious game weMakeWords helps children in acquiring new words in a playful way. However the creation of new content by developers is time-consuming and legal issues have to be regarded. Images and audio files need to be designed directly for the game to avoid copyright infringements. Nevertheless a constant supply of new content is required. More content generally allows a longer lasting gaming experience as there is more variety in the game. This facilitates learning success.
This bachelor thesis presents a content management system (CMS) for weMakeWords, that aims at solving this problem. It allows users to easily create new content, using their own images and sounds. Thus legal problems shall be avoided and a constant supply of new content shall be ensured. Besides creation of content the CMS offers methods for editing and sharing it. Shared content is then downloaded by the game.
Following the introduction this bachelor thesis describes the technologies used for creating the content management system. This provides a common basis for the design and the implementation. In the subsequent chapter the requirements are discussed, including the presentation of the different models. Following that the system design is explained, which mainly focuses on the subsystem decomposition. Finally this bachelor thesis gives an overview of the main aspects of the implementation and describes possible extensions to the system.


Michael Bigontina


Michael Bigontina