Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

 Bachelor Thesis - Development and implementation of a mobile survey application with 3D product models


Before an automobile goes into production, in addition to several years of development, market researches are needed. These are essential to assess the success of a new car model and serve the existing international tastes of the customers.
Currently, these market researches are paper-based conducted. This leads to increased organizational effort for the planning, procedure and evaluation of the market investigation. It is possible, that errors occure, resulting from the manuscriptal collection of the surveys. For example, the handwriting’s unreadable. Also, there may not be enough space for freetext comments. It is desirable to reduce this effort and the sources of problems to a minimum.
This bachelor thesis wants to solve the described problems. A prototype of a mobile ap- plication for tablet computers will be developed and implemented, which is characterized by simple and intuitive usage, faster creation of new questionnaires and mostly automated evaluation of the survey results.
Use Cases for the tablet approach will be identified, that can reduce these drawbacks. Following, use cases will be defined to reduce these drawbacks. After modelling and im- plementing an application it will be evaluated, if all use cases are met.


Adrian Schnell


Adrian Schnell