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Joint Advanced Student School - JASS 2022

JASS 2022: 

Smart Traffic Management



June 09 - 17, 2022, Cairo, Egypt


About School


Autonomous driving for open roads such as Autobahn has reached a certain level of perfection. Most of the autonomous driving assistants have reached level 2 on the autonomous driving scale; Mercedes even has achieved level 5 however the maximum speed is 60km/h - not exactly a high speed for an autobahn. While open-road driving is a well-studied and more-or-less-solved problem, city roads especially roundabouts, are still challenging.

In a roundabout, cars constantly cross paths, in many different directions. This problem has been addressed by many traffic management systems by using traffic lights or stop signs. However, imagine a scenario where a car has to stop at a red light in the middle of the night with no other cars nearby. One solution would be to equip the roundabout with sensors to deal with this problem. At the very least, the car should be able to communicate its presence to the sensor of the roundabout, which can verify that no other cars are nearby, and then the roundabout can turn the light green for the stopped car. Another proposal is to allow cars to “call ahead” and reserve space-time in the roundabout.

In this project, we investigate another concept, namely the geofencing of roundabouts. This concept assumes that cars are controlled by human drivers outside the geofence. However, as soon as a car enters the geofence, its autonomous system takes over to control the car through the intersection.