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Ferienakademie 2013, Course 2
Smart Clothing: Amplified Intelligence




Smart Clothing, Smart Textiles, or eTextiles are garments that integrate digital components such as sensors and actuators. They are currently being used in a number of fields: sports, rehabilitation, caretaking, firefighting, etc. Some example applications of eTextiles are:
  • Constant monitoring of patients vital signs in order to predict anomalies: MyHeart Project (ETH Zürich).
  • A collar for bicyclists that is equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes. When it detects a bicyclist is about to fall, the collar quickly inflates into a helmet: (The Hovding Helmet).
  • Measuring athlete's burned calories using GPS, accelerometers and heart rate monitors to compute distances, speeds and user's vital signs. (For example the Nike+ products).


The goal of the course is to explore the potential of e-Textiles in different application domains. We will do this in a project-based way enhanced by guest lectures. The lectures will deal with topics such as wearable computing, e-Textiles, and their relationship to Smart Spaces and the Internet of Things (IoT). The project will be decided at the beginning of the course. Hardware platforms will be iOS and Android. The eTextiles will be based on the Arduino technology, in particular, the Lilypad. Additionally we will have the .Net Gadgeteer available that can be used as sensor/actuator platform and hardware platform for eTextiles. Experience with these platforms is helpful but not required. The course language is English.

Additional Information


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