Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Dolli 2


DOLLI II is a follow-up project of the successful project DOLLI and builds on its results. Both projects are conducted in cooperation with the Airport Munich and give software engineering students the chance to gain experience in a real customer project.

Aim of this course is the evaluation and prototypical realization of the application of telemetric data (e.g. shipment completition of a plane, tank level of a plane, or the
alert status of a security door) and the benefit of an interaction with localized object.

This software development project is supported by two seminars (Advanced Project Management, Software Cinema in der Praxis) and another Praktikum (Eclipse Plugin Development).

The unicase tool (a research project) is applied in this project.


Project Parts

Telemetry system: This system realizes the exploitation and aggregation of telemetry data from several sub systems. Furthermore, a possibility is created to make telemetry data available to clients.

Interaction system: Using the interaction system, following features are provided:

  • Disposition of ressources
  • Interaction of objects
  • Interaction of users with objects
  • State-machine based checking of workflows

Visualisation client: The visualisation client uses the telemetry system and the interaction system to enhance the applications developed in the DOLLI project with following features:

  • Display of additional object attributes (quality of positioning information, object specific telemetry data)
  • Interaction of the user with objects
  • Disposition of objects
  • Masks for additional data sources


Objectives of this Praktikum

  • Technical aims
    • Requirements elicitation with scenario based design
    • Application of model based development techniques
    • Successful realization of customer requirements
    • Continous build and release management
    • Application of several modelling and programming languages (e.g. UML, JAVA, Objective-C, OpenGL)
  • Managerial aims
    • Project management techniques
    • Creation and maintenance of project and test plans
    • Familiarization with Scrum



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 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.