Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Joint Advanced Student School - JASS 2018

JASS 2018: 

Software Development for Mobile Platforms and the Internet of Things

Prof. Kirill Krinkin (JetBrains Research, SPbAU, LETI) and Prof. Bernd Brügge (TUM)

Mariana Avezum, Dominic Henze, Stefan Nosovic

March 18 - 25, 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia


About School

Students and instructors take part in the Russian German Joint Advanced Student School (JASS) where students develop applications for mobile devices and the Internet of Things. JASS will be held from 18 to 25 March 2018 in St. Petersburg, on the basis of JetBrains Research. The purpose of this event is to acquire soft skills in an international team and to become familiar with the latest technologies. The key of the school is intensive development of small projects in two German and Russian mixed teams of 10 people, with 10 participants from each country. Participants are provided with a wide variety of equipment ranging from simple sensors and ending with drones, autonomous modules and controllers, as well as all necessary tools for development. The teams are devoted to the development for mobile platforms and the Internet of things, the characteristics of the user interface design for handheld devices and the best programming practices. While using lightweight agile methods like e.g. daily standup meetings, the teams focused on the rapid development of core features of their project ideas. The results of the five teams can be seen below.


Recap Videos


Students from the Padavan team display their pick up and release system which used their own QR-Code coordinate system, to locate the drone indoor.  
  Darkwing Duck Team had an impressive duckiebots implementation which sent a message to their micro controller, activating it's pick up and release mechanism.  
Brainduck team used blue markers to enhance the computer vision algorithm of the duckiebots.  

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