Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Demo Team Portal


Team responsibilities

The demo team is responsible for:

  • Testing the VSO system
  • Configuration of the VSO system
  • Providing and executing demos of the VSO system


Team members

Photo Role Name E-Mail
NoPhoto.gif Demo engineer: Michael Knapp  
NoPhoto.gif Demo engineer: Volker Iden  


VSO Downloads


VSO Application Date Description
First VSO Demo 23.11.2005  
VSO_v0.1.151 08.12.2005 new GUI
VSO Integration tests Description
Overview overview VSO subsystems, integration tests and integration strategy
***orchestra-video integration    
VSO Unit tests Description
Video Test the video demo is able to play and move multiple video files(.mov) in a window; the zip-file contains only the player, the VSO video files (>4GB) are only available inside the institute
VSO Demo Videos Description
Tracking Demo Video shows the tracking subsystem following the conductor's baton
Video Navigation Demo Demonstration of the video_demo with the original VSO musicians videos
Video and Audio mix demonstration   with four different video streams (including four different audio streams) a complete quartet was buildet and placed in front of a castle
UI Demo   demo shows how to place conductor and musicians in a 3D room and attach audio and video files to them