Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Introduction to Programming (CIT5230000) WS22/23

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the module, participants understand the essential concepts of computer science on a basic, practical, but scientific level. Participants can solve manageable algorithmic problems and implement basic applications in Java or a similar object-oriented language on their own. They understand the underlying concepts and models and are therefore able to acquire skills in other object-oriented programming languages on their own.

Course Information

  • SWS: 4V+4P
  • ECTS: 12
  • Module: CIT5230000
  • Course description and registration: TUMonline
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Assessment: Weekly homework exercises (incl. presentations) and a computer based test at the end
  • Lectures: 
    • Lectures including small exercises will take place on Wednesday from 14:00 to 18:00
    • First lecture: Wednesday, 19.10.2022
    • The lecture will be live-streamed ( and recorded.
    • Room: Garching, Interims II HS 1
    • There will be small breaks.
  • Exercises (tutor groups):
    • There will be weekly on-site tutor groups
    • Students will work in groups on programming exercises and present their solution to homework exercises
    • There will be multiple 3h slots throughout the week (with small breaks)
    • Students are assigned to tutor groups in the first week of the course
  • For slide downloads, exercises, and discussion, access

Recommended Reading

  • Deitel, Harvey / Deitel, Paul: Java How to Program, Early Objects, Pearson, 11th edition, 2017
  • Evans, Ben / Flanagan, David: Java in a Nutshell O'Reilly, 7th edition, 2018
  • Sedgewick, Robert / Wayne, Kevin: Computer science: An interdisciplinary approach, Addison-Wesley, 2016
  • Sedgewick, Robert / Wayne, Kevin: Introduction to programming in Java: an interdisciplinary approach, Addison-Wesley, 2017


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