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Reverse Engineering Challenge - Bumpers

Hands-on Design Patterns - Software Engineering I

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Boot your laptops...Ready...Go!

Upcoming Tuesday, May 15th, the lecture will be transformed into an X-treme Reverse Engineering Challenge about the implementation of design patterns. Among other prizes you can win an IPod Shuffle. All details on the challenge can be found on this page.


  • You have knowledge about:
    • Programming with Java
    • Using Eclipse
    • Using Ant in Eclipse
  • You can also borough a HP Tablet PC of the chair for the challenge
    • There is only a limited number of tablets available, so first come first serve

The Challenge

  • Date: Next Tuesday, May 15th
  • Rules:
    • We start at exactly at 12:50:
      • 10 Minutes introduction to the problem
      • 35 minutes development time for the solution
    • You have to do the development in the lecture hall
    • Bring your own laptop (well charged!)
    • Collaboration is ok: Team work is encouraged
    • Pair programming (solo and triple also OK)
    • Requirements will be given during the challenge
  • First Prize: Fastest submission that passes the Client Acceptance Test
  • Second prize: Lottery among all the correct solutions submitted by 14:00 (to Maximilian Kögel)

The System

The system is a little game called Bumpers. In this game the player is supposed to crush all other cars before getting crushed by them, a.k.a. stock car ralley.Bumpers

The Client

Bernd Bruegge Prof. Bernd Brügge, Ph.D.


The Moderators

Jonas Helming Jonas Helming Maximilian Koegel Maximilian Kögel