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Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik
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The iOS Praktikum 2011

The objective of this course was the development of applications that experiment with modern user interface requirements. Students got to know background, tools and methods required to develop applications for the iOS.

In addition to software engineering concepts like object oriented analysis, design and realization of GUI based applications participants learned the key concepts of usability engineering.


For this course, real industrial partners provided their problem statements. Students got real team and project experience while actually using real data and working tightly together with the client.

In short: Students developed a real iOS application under real world conditions, including a real deadline.



Recommendation and configuration of audio profiles for hearing devices


iPad based center console for the R8


Bavarian Symphony Orchestra
A baton to learn conducting


Market research application for the customers of a super market


Adaptive non linear learning game


Logistics application for the management of an ice chest



More than 60 students with almost no project experience successfully participated in the iOS lab course 2011 and learned how to develop real applications for industrial partners. They worked together in large teams with up to 9 participants and experienced different aspects of software engineering like the negotiation about requirements with the customer, the communication about problems inside the team and the collaboration that is required to successfully develop the application. They finally presented their results in an exhibition with booths and even three teams presented their work on the open day of the computer science faculty.



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