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The iOS Praktikum 2012

In the iOS Praktikum 2012, more than 80 students developed iOS applications in real projects with 11 real companies.

More information about the projects as well as their results can be seen by clicking onto one of the companies.
Robot-based speaker selection in a distributed video conference
Controlling an airplane with an iPhone
iPad based center console for the F12
Maiborn Wolff et al
Holiday Companion for the pocket
Customized catering for large events
Siemens CIT
Indoor-Navigation for Buildings
Bokowsky + Laymann
Teaching German to Foreigners with an Accent
Simon Pierro
iPhone Magic for everyone
iPad support for the Siemens EQ.7 coffee machine
Speech-based CASE tool
Home control system with out a server

Find out more at the project page.


The projects were managed by the following chair members:


Prof. Bernd Brügge, Ph.D. Maximilian Reiß
Stephan Krusche Barbara Köhler
Martin Wagner Damir Ismailović
Nitesh Narayan Harald Stangl
Juan Haladjian    
Eclipse Plugin Development Lab Course Summer 2012
Framework Design for iOS