4th. International Workshop on SSE

The registration is now open and can be done via the ESEC/FSE website. (early registration due on July 30th.)

The list of accepted papers is now available on the homepage.

You can download the call for contributions as a PDF or TXT document.

You can also download the workshop poster as PDF document.


Software is created for people and by people. People are heterogeneous in their beliefs, backgrounds, and preferences. Understanding social variety is crucial for successful software engineering and software usage of software.

On the one hand, software engineering is a social activity, performed by different individuals and teams. This necessitates methodologies and tools to deal with issues such as communication, coordination, knowledge sharing, compensation, and reconciliation. On the other hand, Social Software is an expanding computing paradigm, which inherently incorporates intensive social interactions and implications. Engineering Social Software magnifies a spectrum of challenges like group requirements engineering, social-awareness, privacy, security, and trust.

Both directions – engineering Social Software and treating software engineering as a social activity – require competency from other disciplines as diverse as psychology, sociology, and organizational science. While both directions receive considerable attention, research in both fields is fragmented, uncoordinated, and partially redundant. The goal of this workshop is to confluence the research on social aspects in software engineering and engineering of Social software into a new field of Social Software Engineering (SSE).


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