Call for Papers
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In this workshop we would like to bring together researchers and practitioners working on different aspects of collaboration and knowledge sharing in software engineering as well as the engineering of Social Software to discuss new results and future research challenges. Major topics addressed at the workshop include (but not limited to):

• Engineering Social Software

• Requirements engineering for Social Software
• Engineering privacy, trust, and security for Social Software
• Engineering of lightweight and unobtrusive tools, Web 2.0, and Social Semantic Web applications
• Approaches and tools for context-aware and personalized assistance
• Engineering adaptivity and evolution of Social Software
• Analysis of compatibility with diversity of law, culture, preferences, semantics, etc.
• Analysis of particular and emerging challenges intrinsic to Social Software

Social Aspects in Software Engineering

• Collaboration and knowledge sharing in development teams and (Open Source) communities
• Relationship between users and developers, user feedback, mashups, and perpetual beta
• Concerns of individuals in collaboration settings, such as learning, usability, and incentives
• Interaction and communication design in collaborative software engineering
• Research methods, models, and tools supporting the social nature of software engineering
• Exploiting and tailoring existing software engineering paradigms, such as AOSE and Agile, to support social development

Implications of Social Software Engineering

• Usage of social software to teach software engineering, teaching social aspects of software engineering
• Impact of social software on development processes
• Empirical studies on social software engineering
• Futuristic scenarios and research agenda.htmls


We expect three types of papers in SSE'11:

Short papers (3-4 pages) state the position of the authors within the scope of the workshop, and can describe solution concepts in a premature state.

Full papers (6-8 pages) describe problems, needs, novel approaches and frameworks within the scope of the workshop. Evaluations of new approaches are to be included in a full paper. Empirical evaluation papers and industrial experience reports are also welcome for submission.htmls.

Posters and demo papers (1-2 pages) summarize work results.

Each submission.html will be reviewed by three members from the international and renowned program committee. Papers will be evaluated based on their originality, relevance to the workshop, and their potential for discussion. The papers with the best reviews (on average) will be accepted to the workshop.


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