Past Events
SSE has been organized successfully in Munich, Kaiserslautern, and Paderborn in conjunction with the Software Engineering conference (SE’08, SE’09, and SE'10). It has been focussing on european and more specifically german-speaking countries.

In 2009 we merged the original community with the community of SENSE workshop (Software ENgineering within Social software Environments).

In 2010 we merged the new community with the SoSEA workshop (Social Software Engineering and Applications) held at ASE’08 and ASE’09.

From 2010 the new community calls itself Social Software Engineering. SSE’08 had 12 submission.htmls and 24 participants from 4 different nations. SSE’09 had 17 submission.htmls and 30 participants from 6 nations. SSE’10 had 19 submission.htmls and 23 participants from 7 nations (despite of the problems with the venue.html and competitor workshops with similar deadlines). According to the feedback of previous conference chairs SSE’09, SSE’09, and SSE’10 were most visited workshops at the SE conference.
  • SSE Series
    • AKNOWLEDGE'08 @SE08
    • SOFTEAM'09 @SE09
    • SENSE'09 @SE09
    • SSE'10 @SE10
  • SoSEA Serie
  • Managing Requirements Knowledge

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