Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik
Helmut_Naughton Dr. Helmut Naughton
(Dipl. Math. Univ. - M. Appl. Inf.)


naughton (at)

helmut.naughton (at)


Research Interests

  • Software Engineering
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Traceability
  • Modeling
  • Modeling Languages
  • Domain Specific Languages
  • Software Engineering Education


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  • UNICASE a CASE tool for unified software engineering
  • URML, a Unified Requirements Modeling Language, in cooperation with Siemens CT.
  • DSL visualization, in cooperation with msg systems.
  • Sysiphus, a modeling tool.



Supervised Bachelor/Master Theses, DAs, SEPs

  • Recommender Systems for Television Users
  • Stakeholder Specific Viewing, Filtering, and Workflow Support in URML
  • How to teach Scrum
  • A process model for teaching project courses in industrial landscapes