Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik





The URML project is about creating a modeling language for requirements elicitation, the Unified Requirements Modeling Language.


It is a joint effort of Siemens Corporate Technology and the Chair for Applied Software Engineering.


Specification (via ResearchGate)

Elevator Pitch Video (Download) Tool Demonstration Video (via Youtube)(Download)

URML Add-In for Enterprise Architect (Download)

Sample Models URML Publications


Current Project Contributors:


Academic Supervisor: 


Past Project Contributors:

  • Helmut Naughton (LS1)
  • Jonas Helming (LS1)
  • Maximilian Kögel (LS1)
  • Jakob Class (Internship SCR and Master's Thesis)
  • Christine Kaminski (Diploma Thesis)
  • Grace Chi (SCR)
  • Florian Weigand (Internship SCR)
  • Michael Haeger (Bachelor's Thesis)


Sample Models:

  • URML Model of the bCMS System
    • Created for CMA@RE 2013 Workshop
    • HTML Export of the model created with EA Add-In
    • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, IE


Please contact florian.schneider (ät) in case of questions, suggestions, or any kind of feedback!