Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Results of the iPraktikum SS2021

(Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas, Jens Klinker, Lara Marie Reimer, Marko Jovanović, Paul Schmiedmayer, August 2021)

Course description

In this course you develop a mobile application in the context of a larger system architecture. Depending on the project, you work with application servers, machine learning algorithms, smart sensors, intelligent clothing, wearables like the Apple Watch or micro-controllers.

You get to know the workflows, activities and tools of state-of-the-art agile software engineering, in particular agile hardware/software co-development, from requirements engineering to system delivery. In particular, you learn Apple’s programming language Swift, UI frameworks like UIKit and SwiftUI, and Server-Side Swift. In addition, you will gain hands-on knowledge in the fields of system modeling, usability engineering and continuous integration and delivery.

For this course, industry partners provide real problem statements. You get real team and project experience while working tightly together with a real client towards a real deadline.



Program Management

Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas Jens Klinker Lara Marie Reimer Marko Jovanović Paul Schmiedmayer

Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas

 Jens Klinker
 Lara Marie Reimer
Marko Jovanović

Paul Schmiedmayer


The chart shows the project-based organization of the course. All projects are shown as columns, including information about the customer, project management, and student team. A team of twelve student coaches dealt with the project management of the teams. Furthermore, cross-project teams with one member of each team (horizontal bars) dealt with different aspects during the project. The release management team was in charge of the right usage of version control, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and feedback management. The Usability Engineering team kept an eye on usability aspects and metrics of the mobile applications. The modeling team was responsible for the modeling activities, including the creation of informal models, i.e., trailer, mockups, and UML diagrams, to improve the communication of difficult aspects within the team.


Project: BBU'01

TrainLens is a system for monitoring the health data of basketball players. It provides insights into the health and performance status of individual players and whole teams. TrainLens also detects abnormalities, automatically notifies coaches and athletic trainers, optimises training schedules and reduces the risk of injuries.

Team members: Paul Schmiedmayer (Project Leader), Sven Andabaka (Coach), Egon Spirin, Nina Thornton, Nadine Angermeier, Alexander Braunsperger, Jan Krušnik, Lucas Grabmaier, Marco Gilio, Tunar Mahmudov

Customers: Thorsten Leibenath, Sebastian Sieghart

Project: B / S / H

bSupporting allows B/S/H/ technicians to efficiently integrate an exchange of replacement parts with other colleagues in their daily repair tours.

Team members: Jens Klinker (Project Leader), Leon Nissen (Coach), Berke Esmer, Bayram Ahmadov, Max Eisner, Ana-Maria-Iulia Cornea, Magnus Schulte-Tigges, Mathis Foxius

Customers: Peter Lachenmaier, Baris Taptik, Berkay Ogulcan Tutal

Project: eon

Sunvesting enables Photovoltaic owners to further contribute to sustainability. The Photovoltaic-System can be connected to the App to track its performance and display the amount of money saved through the produced energy. These savings can be reinvested in green projects provided by the App. Through the Sunvesting Community, users can connect to like-minded PV-owners and make an impact together.

Team members: Snezhina Milusheva, Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas (Project Leads), Nils Faulhaber (Coach), Ivo Hashamo, Ivan Stoyano, Marlene Bargo, Annalena Feix, Martin Fink, Matthias Ritzenhoff

Customers: Eugenio Sconti, Philipp Bugs

Project: German Absineering

German Absineering encourages employees to stay fit. Using gamification aspects like a color changing health score and giving badges on successfully mastered workout sessions, German Absineering finds incentives to keep employees moving. A seamless integration with Apple’s HealthKit enhances the user experience by taking away unnecessary interactions like putting in your weight manually. Furthermore, by learning about the user through an in-app questionnaire and by offering 1:1 meetings with real coaches, German Absineering is able to provide a personalized experience to each and every user.

Team members: Lara Marie Reimer (Project Leader), Florian Schweizer (Coach), Joshua Pusch, Maurice Lichtenberg, Hannes Simon, Ana Secuiu, Leonard Pries, Michael Weiß, Sezin Öztüfek

Customers: Florian Kreuzpointner, Klaus Reithmeier

Project: PINO

TheraMe app is an assistant for people who are looking for a physiotherapist or already have one. It helps therapists and their patients to stay in touch and conduct an effective therapy, even remotely. A patient can search for the most suitable specialist for their problem, book an appointment and manage their appointments directly in the app. What makes our app special, is the possibility to perform the anamnesis collection via video caption with the integrated AR mechanism that analyses movements and sends results to the therapists with only one button click.

Team members: Lara Marie Reimer, Klaudia Madhi (Project Leads), Annabell Vogelsang (Coach), Murad Talibov, Nathalie Wiehl, Fedor Shvetsov, Andi Braimllari, Anna Fedorova, Takashi Fukushima, Zhongpin Wang

Customers: Carsten Boss, Janine Schmidt, Justinas Mickus

Project: QuartettMobile / iABG / INTIS

This project tries to solve this problem by using a combination of two technology drivers, Inductive Charging and Autonomous Driving. Both together can solve the problem of indefinite charger blockage. Autonomous Driving allows to autonomously drive a car onto and away from an Inductive Charging Plate (ICP) even if the driver is not present. Since there are no more cables involved and autonomous parking doesn’t require level five Autonomous Driving, level two or three is sufficient, this innovation project can be realized in near future. The industry-standard scale from level zero to five for Autonomous Driving is defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Team members: Bernd Brügge, Pramod Bhatotia (Project Leads), Christoph Gruber (Coach), Mohammad Naanaa, Henning Heyen, Kexin Liu, Fanxin Yang, Käthe Vrettos, Yuan Zhuang

Customers: Leon von Tippelskirch, Richard Gould, Zardosht Hodaie

Project: SAP

MeetASAP is a native iOS application that offers friends and colleagues an optimized meet-up solution by automatically calculating the optimized time slot and location according to your preferences. The algorithm can even take your travel time to the event location and transportation preferences into account. Easy event planning, just one click away!

Team members: Jens Klinker (Project Leader), Hans Santoso, Magdalena Papagianni (Coaches), Robin Borth, Alexander Behl, Stefan Heun, Kristiyan Nachev, Minkyoung Park, Yuan Gao

Customers: Johannes Rohwer, Sandra Grujovic, Le Khanh Duy Dinh

Project: Solgenium

iCara makes using the app easy by offering a QR-code based signup flow. iCara can validate the process data in record time. All the required information is kept on the iCara server while also protecting the users privacy. New questions are matched to each user when the current set is answered. iCara integrates seamlessly with the customers API to fetch all required data but also export the results.

Team members: Maximilian Kapsecker (Project Leader), Felix Myhsok (Coach), Léon Friedmann, Shangsu Feng, Lukas Heddendorp, Anna Göppl, Carina Wollendorfer, Sinem Dalkilic, Sonja Krafft

Customers: Andreas Diensthuber, Anna Lienhart, Hermann Steffan

Project: TUM SportGesundheit

Footloose is a fitness app for children with congenital heart defects. It offers evaluated training programs in form of customizable and random workouts. Furthermore, gamification and reward elements, tailored for children, aim to motivate the user to be consequent. Footloose is designed to support children with their workouts, take away their fear of doing something wrong and thus promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Team members: Marko Jovanović, Johannes Christler (Project Leads), Andreas Dachsberger (Coach), Justine Probst, Constantin Ehmanns, Martin Achenbach, Luis Heinzlmeier, Nina Schwanke, Theresa Dick, Weiwei Liu

Customers: Jan Müller, Laura Willinger, Leon Brudy

Project: MRI (Klinikum rechts der Isar)

The Telemedicine TUM iPad App is used by sport scientists and doctors to monitor the performance and health of patients and enables them to provide personalised feedback and training recommendations. The iPhone App Training TUM synchronises all health and workout data of patients from Apple Health with the Telemedicine App. Furthermore, patients can submit personal feedback on their workouts.

Team members: Maximilian Kapsecker, Benjamin Pabst (Project Leads), Iva Lilova (Coach), Christopher Schütz, Daniel Nugraha, Denis Graipel, Benedikt Strobel, Jannis Mainczyk, Patrick Witzigmann, Praful Upadhyay

Customers: Dr. Mario Weichenberger, Dr. med. Isabel FegersWustrow, Stephan Müller

Project: Universität Bonn

My Ep allows epilepsy patients to track their seizures and improve their predictive skills. By collecting additional external data from Apple Health as well as weather based on the users location, the patient can learn more about potential seizure triggers. Notifications help the patient to regularly enter seizure anticipations in order to strengthen their skills. All locally stored data can then be shared with medical professionals.

Team members: Snezhina Milusheva, Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas (Project Leads), Joe Yu (Coach), Felix Moser, Kevin Kusterer, Johannes Muenichsdorfer, Simon Osterlehner, Leslie Bernhardt, Ramona Eckert

Customers: Prof. Dr. Rainer Surges

Project: Zeiss

My Vision App is an application that provides Zeiss consumers a complete vision journey where they can keep track of their eye care progress and all interactions with ZEISS Vision Care. Using the information gathered from the vision profile, the application recommends products and exercises that fit best to their lifestyle. My Vision App offers many eye yoga exercises guided by audio and visual examples. Users are rewarded with discounts and badges so that they stay motivated and engaged during the progress.

Team members: Jonas Schulte-Coerne, Richard Pfannenstiel (Project Leads), Alexandru Balotescu (Coach), Milen Vitanov, Elif Çalışkan, Manuel Klettner, Yutong Zhou, Thomas Völkl

Customers: Klaidi Gorishti, Matthias Gohl