Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Results of the iPraktikum WS2020/21

(Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas, Jens Klinker, Lara Marie Reimer, Marko Jovanović, Paul Schmiedmayer, Feburary 2021)

Course description

In this course you develop a mobile application in the context of a larger system architecture. Depending on the project, you work with application servers, machine learning algorithms, smart sensors, intelligent clothing, wearables like the Apple Watch or micro-controllers.

You get to know the workflows, activities and tools of state-of-the-art agile software engineering, in particular agile hardware/software co-development, from requirements engineering to system delivery. In particular, you learn Apple’s programming language Swift, UI frameworks like UIKit and SwiftUI, and Server-Side Swift. In addition, you will gain hands-on knowledge in the fields of system modeling, usability engineering and continuous integration and delivery.

For this course, industry partners provide real problem statements. You get real team and project experience while working tightly together with a real client towards a real deadline.



Program Management

Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas Jens Klinker Lara Marie Reimer Marko Jovanović Paul Schmiedmayer

Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas

 Jens Klinker
 Lara Marie Reimer
Marko Jovanović

Paul Schmiedmayer


The chart shows the project-based organization of the course. All projects are shown as columns, including information about the customer, project management, and student team. A team of twelve student coaches dealt with the project management of the teams. Furthermore, cross-project teams with one member of each team (horizontal bars) dealt with different aspects during the project. The release management team was in charge of the right usage of version control, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and feedback management. The Usability Engineering team kept an eye on usability aspects and metrics of the mobile applications. The modeling team was responsible for the modeling activities, including the creation of informal models, i.e., trailer, mockups, and UML diagrams, to improve the communication of difficult aspects within the team.


Project: B / S / H Health

AIR is the accompanying app for the Bosch AIR multi- sensor device. By monitoring the indoor climate AIR is able to use connected cooker hoods as an automatic air purification system. Widgets and notifications constantly inform about the air quality, while a virtual plant and challenges motivate the users to improve their indoor climate.

Team members: Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas (Project Leader), Carolin Weber, Julia Hoffmann (Coaches), Vincent Halasz, Ani Dekova, Tedi Ikonomi, Anna Lottner, Daniel Cuturilo, Linda Jäger, Victor Dzhagatspanyan

Customers: Barış Taptık, Holger Eich, Simon Grieger

Project: B / S / H Showroom

InspiratieHuis is an app that provides the user a better visitor experience. With the app, users can make appointments, check-in when they arrive at the showroom, and meet with their consultant. In case the user has children, the app provides different mini-games to entertain them. The user can scan the products and then view their augmented reality in his/her home.

Team members: Jens Klinker, Marko Jovanović (Project Leads), Olena Galitska (Coach), Danylo Movchan, Asal Nesar, Sebastien Letzelter, Anna Darii, Nejla Zenuni, Stephan Schmiedmayer

Customers: Jody Beumer, Markus van Griethuijsen, Berkay Ogulcan Tutal

Project: exceet

The exceet app allows diagnosis and configuration of exceet IoT gateways. Additionally, this app enables easy, secure authentication with a YubiKey via NFC and full access to the gateway's Cockpit web interface. Due to the new functionality introduced in this app the gateway configuration process can be sped up in two ways - either manually, or by importing a JSON file containing a network configuration, which lets the app configure the connected gateway in a matter of seconds. The app is designed for an international market, meaning it is available in English, German, Russian and Latvian.

Team members: Jonas Schulte-Coerne, Richard Pfannenstiel (Project Leads), Benjamin Pabst (Coach), Diqing Chang, Torben Leowald, Christoph Gruber, Dmitrijs Hotcenko, Felix Myhsok, Max-Joseph Krempl

Customers: Dr. Jó Bitsch

Project: PINO

TheraMe brings the patient-therapist-relationship to the next level, allowing them to stay in consistent, goal- oriented contact from wherever they are. The therapist has the option to provide personalized exercise videos or programs for his patients. To stay on track about new methods, therapists can join a community to share content or stay motivated! Further improving the patient’s wellbeing, the therapist can also set health goals.

Team members: Lara Marie Reimer, Klaudia Madhi (Project Leads), Hanya Elhashemy (Coach), Yvonne Rieck, Iva Lilova, Liana Soima, Korbinian Hainz, Niklas Kuse, Philippa Morschek, Thanh Mai Pham

Customers: Janine Schmidt, Carsten Boss, Justinas Mickus

Project: Quartett Mobile

ReCharge allows electrical car users to spend the time it takes to charge their car during a journey productively. It does so by offering a variety of entertaining and healthy activities. Being provided with the electric car's driving and charging data as well as the location and weather data, the app will be able to perfectly adjust the driving break to the driver's needs. To keep up the driver's motivation, ReCharge provides a point system that will reward active participation in any provided activities.

Team members: Jens Klinker (Project Leader), Nora Walkembach (Coach), Florian Schweizer, Martina Hinz, Samuel Schoeberl, Diana Amirova, Eva-Maria Hirtlreiter, Leon Nissen, Sebastian Gerner

Customers: Leon von Tippelskirch

Project: TUM Ninja

TUM Ninja encourages students to be more physically active by guiding through different individual workouts, recording the user’s progress and providing rewards such as challenges and trophies. Above all, TUM Ninja complements the use of the newly built 4F Circle exercise and parkour facility on ZHS Campus by coaching athletes on how to achieve their best results in special ninja parkours.

Team members: Lara Marie Reimer, Johannes Christler (Project Leads), Josef Büttgen (Coach), Tobias Klausen, Alicia Mazurkiewicz, Konstantin Kuchenmeister, Anton Baumann, Christian Brechenmacher, Elena Fischer, Roman Mayr

Customers: Dr. Thorsten Schulz, Nils Olson, Max Schüßler

Project: ZEISS

The "Eyessistant" application supports doctors to take optimal care of their patients who suffer from Dry Eye Disease. With the help of customized tools provided by CareKit, users can schedule and be reminded of their personalized treatment plans. To see if and how these treatments improve eye health, the app tracks the users’ symptoms and summarizes them in an exportable report, which allows doctors to make more comprehensive assessments. Additionally, the app contains an information section to help users to understand the disease better.

Team members: Snezhina Milusheva, Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas (Project Leads), Nikol Nikolova (Coach), Maisa Ben Salah, Mayumi Egawa, Max Adam, Eveline van Eerd, Lisa Schmierer, Melanie Tiefgraber, Sindi Çali, Zhiyi Pan

Customers: Dr. Werner Schäfer

Project: ZEISS Meditec

ZEISS Timeline Monitor helps managers at ZEISS to monitor projects and the submission process of ZEISS medical devices in specific regions. It does so by providing a clear real-time overview. Additionally, it represents the progress of a project or a submission process with graphical illustrations. With real- time push-notifications, managers are instantly notified on delays.

Team members: Marko Jovanović (Project Leader), Çağla Balçık (Coach), Florian Redinger, Amelie Binder, Wenjie Hou, Cameron Shemilt, Julian Luneburg, Annabell Vogelsang

Customers: Anna Müller, Kay-Uwe Clemens, Teresa Sofie Schick

Project: footpower

footpower is an app that helps users who suffer from pain in the foot sole area. Guiding the user step by step through a state of the art scan process, footpower evaluates the users health and recommends a suiting insole that removes their discomfort. The scan process includes motion tracking, a 3D scan, and the analysis of ones posture using machine leaning.

Team members: Maximilian Kapsecker, Lara Marie Reimer (Project Leads), Céline Madeleine Aldenhoven (Coach), Klara Kriszun, Robert Frank, Philipp Zagar, Ioan Craciun, Kilian Dresse, Kilian Hörger, Nicolas Strobl, Simone Heiss

Customers: Manuel König