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9 Apr 2003 The team bboards are available. See below.
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7 Apr 2003 The first project meeting has been announced. The date is Wednesday, 4 p.m.
29 Mar 2003 The Interview Signup Database is available.
26 Mar 2003 The new Dev-Otago - BBoard for discussion of development issues of the Otago crew is online.
14 Mar 2003

Development at the University of Otago commenced! Check the Contacts for more information (and add missing information as necessary).

The new Architecture BBoard will be used for discussing the requirements and details of the global cooperation.

18 Feb 2003

Project Archived

Welcome to the project archive of the ARENA project as it was at the end of the winter semester 2002/03. If you are reading this on the project DVD, you already found the main entry point to the project archive.

From here you can access the complete project documentation, all communication on the BBoards, and the nightly builds. If your OS supports it, you can start SWORD directly from the DVD by double-clicking the latest build.

To access the Project Documents, click on 'Project Documents' under 'Resources'

To get the source code, put the directory /cvs_repository/arena into your local CVS repository. You can then check it out as the module arena . If you don't know how CVS works, have a look at the CVS home page

To play SWORD, get the latest build from 'Nightly Builds'.
05 Feb 2003

...almost there!

If you missed today's project meeting, be sure to get informed of what you still have to do, read the slides (available on the schedule page) and ask your team.
29 Jan 2003


The client accepted our project with a couple of comments. But now let's first celebrate this joyous occasion.
27 Jan 2003 Client Acceptance Test scheduled for Wednesday, 29 Jan 2003 at 16:00 in Hörsaal 3.

The project will present its results during the Client Acceptance Test: The goal was to design and implement a peer-to-peer multiplayer online game framework (FRAG) and a prototypical game implementation (SWORD). This project was supported by the Notebook University project and in this presentation we will show the software concepts and a live demo of the running system on the provided Apple iBooks.
08 Jan 2003 The slides of today's project meeting, with the role/responsibility assignments and list of integration tasks are available for download from the schedule page as ppt and pdf.
14 Dec 2002 Issues that were raised in the last project meeting have been discussed and answered on the Management Issues BBoard.
11 Dec 2002 ODD in JavaDoc available
04 Dec 2002 Awareness Builder BBoard online!

Please go to this BBoard for getting the Awareness Builder tool and to communicate with the developers for feedback, questions, etc.
01 Dec 2002 There are two important posts on the Project BBoards that many have not yet read:

Feedback for System Design Review

Software Project Management Plan v1.15 available
26 Nov 2002 Development Guidelines published!

The development guidelines of the Build Team have been published.
22 Nov 2002 Tutorials and Scenario Film online

The slides of all tutorials that were held in the past project meetings are available for download in PowerPoint format from the Schedule page. PDF versions are coming!

The Scenario Film is in MPEG-4 format (17.5 MB), modern media players (e.g. QuickTime 6) can play this video.
14 Nov 2002 XROADS online

This tool will help us keep track of the creation and review process of the System Design Document (SDD).

If you have technical difficulties with logging on, send email to Allen Dutoit.
11 Nov 2002 Minutes for 11 Nov 2002

Deadline: Printing of Requirements Analysis Document: Wednesday, 13 Nov 2002

Please check with your team leader what needs to be done before we can print and hand over the RAD to our client.

Software Project Management Plan

Please review it thoroughly and follow the Documentation Team's instructions on how to fill in the blanks that are to be written by the individual teams.
7 Nov 2002 Deadline: Printable Requirements Analysis Document: Friday, 8 Nov 2002

As mentioned in the Feedback for Requirements Analysis Review on 06 Nov 2002, we promised the Client a complete, consistent and correct RAD v.3 for Friday.
3 Nov 2002 Requirements Analysis Review: Wednesday, 6 Nov 2002

For this review, the following work products are needed: Printable RAD v.2 (including the Object Model, Dynamic Model, Functional & Nonfunctional Requirements), the Scenario Film, and the complete set of presentation slides.
28 Oct 2002 REQuest Tool for Requirements Engineering online

Remember the upcoming deadline for the Requirements Analysis Document (RAD) v.1: Thursday, 31 Oct 2002

For this work product, each Developer Team has to describe a complete (with Actor Instances, Use Cases, Services, and Constraints) game scenario in REQuest. If you have technical difficulties with logging on, send email to Allen Dutoit.
21 Oct 2002 Problem Statement Released!

Our Client has just released the Problem Statement for our project. Please familiarize yourself with its contents.

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