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Results of the iPraktikum WS15/16

(Lukas Alperowitz, Dora Dzvonyar, Bernd Bruegge, February 2016)

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This lab course covers mobile applications for smart devices, ranging from standalone applications, embedded systems including hardware and sensors to the design of modern interfaces for complex business applications. Students learn and apply software engineering and usability engineering techniques. This includes object oriented modeling and system design as well as the realization of graphical user interfaces, usability testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery. Real industrial partners provided the problem statements and acted as clients. 11 companies participated in the iOS Praktikum WS 15/16, each with a different problem statement and its own team. More than 100 students delivered these applications using agile techniques and communicating continuously to their clients.

Project Overview

The following companies participated in the iPraktikum. You can find details about the projects including videos of the final presentations and demos. We would like to thank Boinx TV for the continuous support with the video recording!




Ignite V-Eye


Diabetes App



BMW Factory

Magic Touch 

Ignite Bucket Fit






Bosch Dots


Quartett Home


Program Management

Lukas Alperowitz

Prof. Bernd Bruegge

Lukas Alperowitz

Dora Dzvonyar

Prof. Bernd Brügge


The chart shows the project based organization of the course. All projects are shown as columns including information about customer, project management and student team. A team of eleven student coaches dealt with the project management of the teams. Furthermore cross-project teams with one member of each team (horizontal bars) dealt with different aspects during the project. The release management team was in charge of the right usage of version control, continuous integration, continuous delivery and feedback management. The Merge Management team kept an eye on the right use of the git branching model and the incorporation of a pull request workflow. The modeling team was responsible for the modeling activities including the creation of informal models, i.e. trailer, mockups and UML diagrams to improve the communication of difficult aspects within the team.



Project: iCATCH

The iCATCH (Smart City Hub) is an upright head-high touch-screen which can be deployed in different environments such as public places and transportation systems.To people who are close to the device it offers several services like city information, mobility information or navigation services as well as the possibility to connect with other people who are nearby.
The service implemented in this project not only allows people to find the way to their destination but also be able to deliver feedback about their surroundings.

Team members:

Andreas Seitz (Project Leader), Constantin Scheuermann (Project Leader), Alexander Meissner (Coach), Lara Marie Reimer, Madhukar Sollepura Prabhu Sha, Monika Varshney, Ning Wang, Pedro Silva, Ramakant Agrawal, Simon Rehwald


Prof. Dr. Monika Sturm (Siemens), Marcos Jansch dos Santos Rocha (Siemens), Tobias Aigner (Siemens), Markus Sauer (Siemens), Bernd Rosauer (Siemens)





Project: Ignite V-Eye

Ignite Adaptive Sports tries to help visually impaired people to enjoy skiing by increasing their independency during skiing. Ignite V-Eye reduced the dependency between instructor and skier by providing the self-made hardware on instructor's poles to guide the skier through gentle vibration armbands. The vibration initiated by the ski instructor through the mobile application.

Team members:

Bernd Brügge (Project Leader), Sajjad Taheri (Project Leader), Agnes Köhler (Coach), Ding Liu, Lukas Heinzmann, Maximilian Reif, Philipp Heuer, Robert Merkle , Shpend Mahmuti


Prof. Daniel P.Siewiorek (CMU), Alan Apt (Ignite), John Humbrecht (Ignite)


Project: CHEST

CHEST is a Human-Centered Cyber-Physical System made for action forces wearing protective equipment. It provides live health data of mission participants to a doctor who can monitor this data and allows interaction with the participants in critical situations. Additionally, it includes a 3D printed cooling system that reduces the physical fatigue and extends the operating time of the participants.

Team members:

Constantin Scheuermann (Project Leader), Konstantin Kromer (Coach), Aly Saleh, Dimitar Magurev, João Trindade, Josef Seidl, Richard Otto, Simon Zimmermann, Valeriia Chernenko


Tomas Habschied (T-Systems), Patrick Köhler (T-Systems), Jens Paprotny (T-Systems), Sylvia Streidl (T-Systems), Stephan Verclas (T-Systems), Dr. Raman Tandon (T-Systems / Bundeswehr)


Project: Diabetes App

The app helps diabetics to manage their therapy easier. By tracking blood sugar and aggregating fitness as well as nutrition data from Apple's Health platform, the app presents actionable information and recommendations to patients to improve their daily life.

Team members:

Lukas Alperowitz (Project Leader), Marius Schulz (Coach), Florian Dreier, Gaurav Kumar Srivastava, Irina Camilleri, Kirsten Rauffer, Michael Fröhlich, Thomas Breier, Tobias Piffrader


Jens Pflueger (Roche)


Project: BMW Factory

BMW Factory project pursues the goal of leading efficiency in carbon fiber manufacturing. To this end, BMW Factory aids in the discovery and troubleshooting of problems; improves knowledge sharing among the workers and between different departments in the future carbon fiber factory which pushes BMW ahead of the competition by reducing miscommunication as well as scrap parts.

Team members:

Stephan Krusche (Project Leader), Florian Kistner (Coach), Christian Eichhorn, Daniel Alexander Fermin Nilsen, Fabian Warthenpfuhl, Markus Jantunen, Marla Narazani, Patricia Vitoria Carrera, Stefan Reu


Vitus Holzner (BMW), Christoph Kracke (BMW)





Project: Magic Touch

MagicTouch allows workers to use wearable technology to improve workflows and productivity in an industrial setting. MagicTouch ensures eyes-free interaction and helps workers to take control with sensory information and guidance along the way which makes tasks to be done easier, decisions become data-driven and companies become more successful.

Team members:

Zardosht Hodaie (Project Leader), Cecil Wöbker (Coach), Christian Kiwitt, Daniel Gallenberger, Francisco Rubin, Lukas Steigerwald, Marcus Hott, Selina Elsner, Xiaoyu Guo


Dr. Asa MacWilliams (Siemens CT), Thorsten Krüger (Siemens CT), Klaus-Dieter Steffen (Siemens CT), Norman Hartmann (Siemens CT), Timo Wolf (Siemens CT)






Project: Ignite BucketFit

Imagine a world where paraplegic people can go skiing without being worried about possible health problems. With Ignite BucketFit this has already become reality. By using Ignite BucketFit mobile application and the health care hardware, the skier can easily enjoy a wonderful ride.

Team members:

Bernd Brügge (Project Leader), Rene Milzarek (Project Leader), Sebastian Stein(Coach), Aldijana Sakinovic, Carmen Breyer, Laurence Castagnoli, Robert Krämer, Samy El Deib


Prof. Daniel P.Siewiorek (CMU), Alan Apt (Ignite), John Humbrecht (Ignite)




Project: iWash

iWash makes the washing machine smarter and the laundry process more convenient to the user. The app extracts the washing instructions from the symbols on the clothing’s label and sends them to the washing machine so that it can choose the best program for its current content. It also prevents items to be 
washed with the wrong program.

Team members:

Dora Dzvonyar (Project Leader), Alexander Harlass (Coach), Alexander Maslew, Belinda Zahra, Dennis Nehrenheim, Ekaterina Sebina, Fabian Manhardt, Julian Zurmühl, Sami Amr Afifi, Tomas Ruiz


Pavel Osipov (B/S/H/), Jörg Schneider (B/S/H/)




Project: Bosch Dots

Bosch Dots is a supplier relationship management solution rethought for the 21st century. As the name already suggests, Bosch Dots aims at connecting the dots between Bosch and all their existing suppliers by effectively matching them to Bosch's projects according to their company's profile.

Team members:

Dr. Yang Li (Project Leader), Stephan Rabanser (Coach), Agastya Fauzan Alfath, Ange Laure Temzeung Kouemo, Christian Dallago, Ingo Glaser, Michaela Pfister, Samit Vaidya, Shivguru Rao Bhimasena Visweswera


Thomas Neumann (BOSCH), Matthias Schaffer (BOSCH), Renata Soares (BOSCH)





Project: Informing

Informing is the app that knows everything about yourself. It collects data unobtrusively and combines and interprets this data to raise awareness what a single app can find out about you.

Team members:

Barbara Reichart (Project Leader), Stefan Christoph Kofler (Coach), Annika Saken, Faisal Ibne Mozher, Ghulam Nasir, Jonas Tomasini, Malte Bucksch, Matthias Holdorf, Sarah Jungwirth


Maximilian Aulinger (Adesso), Sacha Catelin (Adesso), Olaf Schumacher (Adesso)



Project: Quartett Home

With the application Quartett Home, you can safely control your HomeKit enabled Home Accessories from your car's Multi-Media Interface. It is built in a way, that allows safe and legal operation of the interface from behind the steering wheel.

Team members:

Sebastian Klepper (Project Leader), Jan Philip Bernius (Coach), Arald Haveriku, Florian Heinz, Florian Seppi, Jimmy Abu Al Denien, Kilian Käslin, Manuel Nonnenmacher, Teodora Lata, Thu Lao


Maximilian Reiß (Quartett Mobile GmbH), Leon von Tippelskirch (Quartett Mobile GmbH), Jörg Flerlage(Quartett Mobile GmbH / Audi)