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Results of the iPraktikum SS16

(Dora Dzvonyar, Lukas Alperowitz, Bernd Bruegge, August 2016)

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This lab course covers mobile applications for smart devices, ranging from standalone applications, embedded systems including hardware and sensors to the design of modern interfaces for complex business applications. Students learn and apply software engineering and usability engineering techniques. This includes object-oriented modeling and system design as well as the realization of graphical user interfaces, usability testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery. Real industrial partners provided the problem statements and acted as clients. 12 industry partners participated in the iPraktikum SS16, each with a different problem statement and its own team. More than 100 students delivered these applications using agile techniques and communicating continuously to their clients.


The iPraktikum is part of the ZD.B. innovation lab initiative.

Project Overview

The following companies participated in the iPraktikum. You can find details about the projects including videos of the final presentations and demos. We would like to thank Boinx TV for the continuous support with the video recording!





 Life Companion

Guided Cooking 

Never Run Out




Lufthansa Technik





NTT Reports 


Siemens CT



 Neptun 2



Machine Dashboard

Program Management

Lukas Alperowitz

Prof. Bernd Bruegge

Dora Dzvonyar

Lukas Alperowitz

Prof. Bernd Brügge


The chart shows the project based organization of the course. All projects are shown as columns including information about customer, project management and student team. A team of twelve student coaches dealt with the project management of the teams. Furthermore cross-project teams with one member of each team (horizontal bars) dealt with different aspects during the project. The release management team was in charge of the right usage of version control, continuous integration, continuous delivery and feedback management. The Merge Management team kept an eye on the right use of the git branching model and the incorporation of a pull request workflow. The modeling team was responsible for the modeling activities including the creation of informal models, i.e. trailer, mockups and UML diagrams to improve the communication of difficult aspects within the team.



Project: Life Companion

Allianz aims to provide the best possible digital offering in the insurance market. Recent improvements in technology enable us to transform how we currently conduct business and enrich our portfolio with tailored, transparent, and simple products that insure risks in specific contexts. Moreover, service components add a new dimension to such products, which in turn let us move towards establishing the vision of “Allianz as a life companion” for our customers. As a consequence, we naturally create new touchpoints and possess the right means to establish a positive relationship with the customer. Also, we learn more about our customers in a data-driven way and in turn propose offerings that even better suit their requirements.

Team members: Andreas Seitz (Project Leader), Felix Thiele (Coach), Felix Feik, Till Söhlemann, Hamza Tahir, Tom Wollschläger, Boris Idesman, Tarek Shaban

Customers: Josef Viehhauser, Dr. Andreas Braun, Pouya Tafti


Project: Guided Cooking

Most existing recipe apps on the market do not include the usage of smart kitchen devices. Furthermore the structure of the recipes is not always easy to follow. By combining new technology and an easy, new recipe structure, “KitchenMate” stands out among all these cooking apps. The analysis of the problem statement has lead to following high-level requirements. The goal of this project was to develop a user-friendly cooking app that serves as a smart kitchen assistant. This is done through hand-off step by step interaction and communication with multiple BSH kitchen appliances and apple devices.

Team members: Martin Wagner (Project Leader), Irina Camilleri (Coach), Okan Agca, Lukas Kunzemann, Andreas Langbein, Anastasia Panteloglou, Patrick Sattler, Lyubomir Stoykov

Customers: Alexander Harlass, Matthias Roeckl, Joerg Schneider, Pavel Osipov, Ugur Guel



Project: Never Run Out 

Never Run Out helps B/S/H/ users manage the contents of their fridge. It is very often the case that we forget what we have put in our fridge or get notified when something is running out: there may be some items left in the farthest corner of the freezer, which has been there for the last 6 months. Even though some may have one-word descriptions written on them with an ice-proof marker, in many cases, just learning about the content of the package is not enough. Or, when we are in the supermarket and try hard to remember if we had some leftover tomato sauce at home, remember incorrectly and end up with 3 packages of the same sauce. Clearly, we need some extra help to utilize our fridges and freezers at maximum efficiency. 

Team members: Jan Ole Johanßen (Project Leader), Henning Helmbrecht (Coach), Stanislav Guerassimov, Desmond Peter Henaghen, Constantin Lehnhoff, Florian Scherer, Semra Gülce Turan, Niklas Weiß

Customers: Marianne Both, Stefan Langer, Alexander Harlass


Project: MagicStream

The goal of the system is to make it possible for developers to adapt their tvOS applications into iOS effortlessly. The system includes a generic parsing mechanism which provides direct mapping of the elements and templates declared in TVML format into native UI elements of iOS or a complex of them. It is also capable of translating the whole navigation structure by analyzing TVJS files. Media files such as videos, audios etc. might be fetched and displayed/played in the relevant location of the application. Furthermore, the experience of navigating through the application screens is enhanced through additionally handled gestures, taps, touches etc.

Team members: Sebastian Klepper (Project Leader), Mathias Quintero (Coach), Fabian Buske, Achraf Mamdouh, Florian Mauracher, Bertan Ege Teberci, Lukas Tenbrink, Yevheniya Vytruchenko

Customer: Adrian Thomas


Project: iPaula

iPaula is an app that acts as the control center of IABG’s High-Speed Wireless Data Acquisition System. It is connected via Wifi to Boris - the Master Antenna - and is able to steer it to Paula - a Slave Antenna attached to a car, an airplane or a wind turbine. iPaula can then track the movement of those objects, display the high amount of data transmitted (even live video stream) and save this data for later replay.

Team members: Zardosht Hodaie (Project Leader), Ingo Glaser (Coach), Sebastian Fiss, Florian Liss, Evisa Lumani, Lukas Mohs, Florian Ruppert, Zain Ul Abideen

Customers: Michael Feilen, Martin Glas, Norbert Niklasch, Markus Gnadl, Mathias Ihmig


Project: SWOOP - Stroke Workflow Optimization

SWOOP is an app that helps to reduce the time needed for the stroke workflow in the KRI hospital. While tracking the workflow automatically it also supports the hospital staff by raising awareness on the elapsed time through audible and visual signals. Furthermore the staff can use the app to quickly add patient relevant information. The tracked data is centrally stored and accessible via an web interface for further analyses.

Team members: Dora Dzvonyar (Project Leader), Dennis Nehrenheim (Coach), Franz-Joseph Busch, Lars Lütjens, Constantin Mense, Matthias Mögerle, Anna Nachbar, Paul Schmiedmayer

Customer: Tobias Boeckh-Behrens

Lufthansa Technik

Project: FlyDoc

FlyDoc is a workflow digitisation project for LHT.
We introduced the coordinator interface, which helps Lufthansa Technik coordinators to create and control missions and to manage documents, and a mobile app which guides the doctor through every step of the mission.

Team members: Bernd Bruegge (Project Leader), Christoph Vogeler (Coach), Lars Braitinger, Veronika Eickhoff, Christian Sturm, Wenzhou Wei, Christoph Weinisch, Christian Widmer

Customers: Michael Voigt, Johannes Hansen


Project: NTT Reports

NTT Reports is designed to provide Agile project managers with an all-in-on monitoring tool for their projects. With the aggregated data from their issue-trackers, project managers can now be fully in charge of their projects, make better future estimations and keep their customers happy.

Team members: Dora Dzvonyar (Project Leader), Dimitar Magurev (Coach), Oleksandr Fedotov, Eriks Gopaks, Nico Metz, Anna Prottung, Christian Sting, Tobias Waltl

Customers: Frank von Eitzen, Michael Unruh


Project: Neptun 2

Neptun 2 is an app that helps diabetics to manage their therapy easier. By tracking blood sugar continuously and aggregating fitness as well as nutrition data from Apple's Health platform, Neptun 2 presents actionable information and recommendations to patients to improve their daily life. Using Apple CareKit Neptun 2 helps to stay in contact with the medical advisor and adapt the therapy according to the CarePlan.

Team members: Lukas Alperowitz (Project Leader), Michael Fröhlich (Coach), Daniel Elsner, Maximilian Berger, Patrick Michelberger, Jessica Echterhoff, Christoph Heidelmann, Philip Lenhart

Customers: Jens Pflüger, Tina Serravalle

Siemens CT

Project: Meisterbot

Meisterbot is a cross platform bot application that offers assistance for technicians throughout their daily work. Using the power of artificial intelligence, it replies to the questıons of users instantly. It also detects user’s voice and replies vocally, which enables handsfree operations. If the context is not clear in a specific task, Meisterbot detects the scene by using image recognition and caption generation....

Team members: Stefan Nosovic (Project Leader), Alexander Heemann (Coach), Ali Ugur Aker, Cyril Florent Duchon-Doris, Patricia Maier, Sami Moustachir, Adrian Thiesen, Efdal Ustaoglu

Customers: Steffen Klepke, Asa MacWilliams


Project: CHEST 2.0

The project CHEST 2.0 is related to the subject Internet of Things (IoT) and aims to provide a human centric cyber-physical system to increase operational safety of workers (e.g. firefighters), which operate in hazardous environment by enabling real-time health monitoring. We do this by connecting different technologies and continuously collecting health data from the Mission Participants during missions in dangerous environments. We also aim to provide an intuitive way of interaction and communication, which sets the individual person into the middle of the scope. Other features include Medical Cards which enable the Medical Advisor to make even more precise diagnosis and Health Data Algorithms to help advance calculating stress levels.

Team members: Constantin Scheuermann (Project Leader), Valeria Chernenko (Coach), Daniel Benner, Felix Buchert, Lorenzo Donini, Sönke Erfkamp, Andreas Hein, Shun Long Hong, Simon Kibler, Thorben Knichwitz, Johannes Meßmer, Martin Mihaylov, Julia Maria Obermaier

Customers: Dr. Stephan Verclas, Dr. Raman Tandon


Project: Machine Dashboard

Currently, Zeiss metrology machines generate a lot of data which is stored in the metrology Azure Cloud. The iPad and iPhone application systems developed during this project enable the access to this data in two different ways. The user standing in front of a machine can use his iPad/iPhone and scan it's QR Code getting access to the data generated by this machine. Furthermore, the user that is not around any machines can select a machine of his preference and get access to it's data through the application. The system is implemented exploring characteristics such as flexibility and personification, so that users can configure the app for his usability preference as well as create new analytics combining data of multiple machines.

Team members: Stephan Krusche (Project Leader), Lukas Welte (Coach), Bjorn Ingeberg Fesche, Joel Kallin Kilman, Matthias Lehner, Sabrina Leme Senna, Minh Chau Lu, Daniel Peter

Customers: Holger Blum, Matthias Riek