Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Results of the iPraktikum WS2019/20

(Bernd Bruegge, Dora Dzvonyar, Dominic Henze, Paul Schmiedmayer, February 2020)

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Course description

In this course you develop a mobile application in the context of a larger system architecture. Depending on the project, you work with application servers, machine learning algorithms, smart sensors, intelligent clothing, wearables like the Apple Watch or micro-controllers.

You get to know the workflows, activities and tools of state-of-the-art agile software engineering, in particular agile hardware/software co-development, from requirements engineering to system delivery. In particular, you learn Apple’s programming language Swift, UI frameworks like UIKit and SwiftUI, and Server-Side Swift. In addition, you will gain hands-on knowledge in the fields of system modeling, usability engineering and continuous integration and delivery.

For this course, industry partners provide real problem statements. You get real team and project experience while working tightly together with a real client towards a real deadline.


Program Management

Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügge Dora Dzvonyar

Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügge

Dora Dzvonyar
Dominic Henze

Paul Schmiedmayer

Florian Bodlée  Assistant Program Management


The chart shows the project-based organization of the course. All projects are shown as columns, including information about the customer, project management, and student team. A team of twelve student coaches dealt with the project management of the teams. Furthermore, cross-project teams with one member of each team (horizontal bars) dealt with different aspects during the project. The release management team was in charge of the right usage of version control, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and feedback management. The Usability Engineering team kept an eye on usability aspects and metrics of the mobile applications. The modeling team was responsible for the modeling activities, including the creation of informal models, i.e., trailer, mockups, and UML diagrams, to improve the communication of difficult aspects within the team.


Project: Siemens IOT

SiSpot is a system that allows drones to search for objects in a decentralized, collaborative way. The communication between the drones is established via the “Coaty” framework, which allows to synchronize the current status of the search task to all participating devices.
Two different strategies can be used to search for objects. The “Quality- Strategy” has a longer execution time, but scans the specified region more precisely. The “Speed-Strategy” instead focuses on a short scanning time and also switches to a more energy-efficient approach. With this strategy, however, it is not guaranteed that map regions will be scanned more than once.

Team members: Dominic Henze, Dr. Jan Ole Johanßen (Project Leader), Sebastian Burgkart (Coach), Bastian Aigner, Simon Borowski, Leonard Endriß, Michael Haden, Yagmur Onay, Dmytro Polityka, Hans Filbert Santoso

Customers: Jochen Nickles, Dr. Markus Sauer

Project: Klinikum Rechts der Isar

Click is an app that allows medical staff in hospitals to use their own smartphones for secure patient documentation. By temporarily storing patient data in a secluded enclave on the phone, and deleting it after uploading to a central server, doctors and nurses can use their phones to take pictures of patients. 
The patient case based system lets doctors track patients treatments via a web application and provides an overview of already existing cases, while guaranteeing data privacy and security of patient information. 

Team members: Nadine von Frankenberg (Project Leader), Valentin Hartig (Coach), Burak Aybar, Benjamin Decker, Robert Dillitz, Jonas Gebele, Julia Hoffmann, Lukas Kollmer, Gerald Mahlknecht

Customers: Priv.- Doz. Dr. med. Kai Megerle

Project: iHaus

LocalHero is a community-based application that enables users to assist people who are in need of help. To receive assistance for daily life tasks, members can create requests which multiple users can apply for if they want to help. Additionally, if third-party accessories detect cases of social isolation, the application notifies verified members to check on the affected person. LocalHero can also handle emergency cases. The application notifies the users if there’s an emergency nearby and guides them to the corresponding location.

Team members: Paul Schmiedmayer (Project Leader), Moritz Sternemann (Coach), Martin Dunker, Alexander Koenig, Richard Pfannenstiel, Viviane Rehor, Clemens Ruck, Kevin-Florian Su, Patrik Zander

Customers: Ralf Pfleghar, Nicolas Vorwerg

Project: Siemens Mobile

iMagine is an Augmented-Reality-based proof of concept tool to help designers boost their own creativity. It lets users design a playground in AR, whilst constantly providing them with inspiring input. Using an advanced neural network, iMagine generates artificial user stories for the project. Users can also see a simulation of agents interacting with the world, as well as being able to record custom body gestures to place in the world.
iMagine harnesses both the practical, but also the outlandish behavior of AI to help the designer become more creative.

Team members: Zardosht Hodaie (Project Leader), Lukas Tenbrink (Coach), Safa Mert Akmese, Simon Dabrowski, Yifeng Dong, Dávid Endrédi, Ana-Maria Lacatusu, Jessica Saroufim, Mehmet Baris Yaman

Customers: Asa MacWilliams

Project: B/S/H/ SmartGrow

The SmartGrow app is the tailor-made companion for your Bosch SmartGrow 3 or 6 indoor gardening device. Through Apple’s AR and ML frameworks, it is able to literally augment the SmartGrow customers’ experience by providing real-time plant health recognition, interactive harvesting tutorials, the ability to place a virtual SmartGrow device in the real world and many more unique features!

Team members: Jan Philip Bernius (Project Leader), Linus Michel (Coach), Can Arisan, Philipp Bauch, Paul Heidekrüger, Adem Khachnaoui, Rodrigo Suarez Major, Lisa Thiergart

Customers: Torsten Logsch, María Terrádez Alemany, Barış Taptık

Project: Quartett Mobile

ShortQuts is an app that provides its users with a catalog of car actions to integrate into Apple’s Shortcuts app. The users have a wide variety of actions to choose from: check whether their car is locked, lock or unlock it remotely, locate it on the map and send any destination address to their car’s navigation system. Users can create their own custom shortcuts by combining the car actions with the existing iOS functionality and compatible third party app services e.g. messaging, or import the ready-made shortcuts from ShortQuts.he

Team members: Sebastian Klepper, Florian Bodlée (Project Leader), Snezhina Milusheva (Coach), Sven Andabaka, Simon Bohnen, Mohamed Said Derbel, Daniel Gockel, Zeynep Iyigorur, Daniel Kainz, Simon Zachau

Customers: Tobias Klüpfel, Leon von Tippelskirch

Project: Sportsclinic Cologne

Coming soon!

Team members: Dr. Juan Haladjian (Project Leader), Diana-Elena David (Coach), Nicolas Arteaga Garcia, Anhelina Atamaniuk, Ali Sami Kardaslar, Eric Luyken, Antonio Oroz, Subhan-Jamal Sohail

Customers: Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Höher, Jasper Mundt

Project: TUM Sports and Health Sciences

We believe that diet and sport are both essential factors for your health. 
Shifty collects your sport data and sends customized surveys to you. By answering the surveys, you will subconsciously pay more attention to your eating habit and contribute to our scientific research project!
Shift your eating habits. Shift the research. Shift the world!

Team members: Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas (Project Leader), Felix Schrimper (Coach), Alexander Borchers, Johannes Christler, Franz Josef Ennemoser, Chuying He, Simon Langrieger, Jakob Smretschnig

Customers: Prof. Dr. Karsten Köhler

Project: B/S/H/

DustBuster is an Augmented Reality App that makes vacuum cleaning fun using ARKit. Not only is the player's room clean but also he had fun during cleaning by collecting ghostly rewards. After an initial room scan and configuration the ghosts are ready to be busted! Based on the cleaning difficulty the player's score is increased while busting the ghosts with his vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, his score is found on the DustBuster Scoreboard ready to be compared with his flatmates and enhancing their motivation to clean the shared apartment.

Team members: Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügge (Project Leader), Kevin Huang (Coach), Lukas Ebeling, Artem Evdokimov, Flora Latz, Fatos Morina, Lennart Paul, Petar Zorica

Customers: Katharina Schmidkonz, Tobias Kupczyk, Berkay Ogulcan Tutal

Project: Zeiss Med

Coming soon!

Team members: Lara Marie Reimer (Project Leader), Li Nguyen (Coach), Florian Ehrenstorfer, Etienne Köhler, Nikolai Madlener, Julia Otto, Pascal Resch, Korbinian Weidinger

Customers: Kay Uwe Clemens, Christopher Käsbach

Project: Zeiss Digital Innovation Partners

Tired of spending lots of time trying to contact the right Sales Representative that will fit your needs?
We got your back!
With the Zeiss Sales Finder, you can find the right Zeiss employee in just a few clicks.
And that isn’t even the best. The Zeiss Sales Finder helps you to have direct contact to Zeiss and book an appointment with a suitable Sales Representative within seconds. So help yourself and get the new Zeiss Sales Finder App!

Team members: Dr. Dora Dzvonyar (Project Leader), Jennifer Sorensen (Coach), Marlon Bucciarelli, Robert Jandow, Klaudia Madhi, Natali Mironova, Olimbia Qirjaqi, Sofie Tjønneland Urhaug

Customers: Prof. Dr. Karsten Köhler, Matthias Gohl

Project: RWTH Aachen

During medical studies, students are faced with learning to perform complex surgical procedures on mice under a microscope.
The ICARAS app allows simultaneous supervision of up to four surgeries on an iPad in order to provide guidance to students by drawing annotations on the device, which are overlaid over the sample in the students’ AR microscope eyepieces in real-time.

Team members: Marko Jovanovic (Project Leader), Jonas Petry (Coach), Tatiana Baklanova, Emir Besic, Fabian Emilius, Simon Himmelbauer, Leonard Scheidemantel, Smail Smajlovic

Customers: Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas