Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Results of the iPraktikum WS18/19

(Bernd Bruegge, Dora Dzvonyar, Dominic Henze, February 2019)

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This lab course covers mobile applications for smart devices, ranging from standalone applications, embedded systems including hardware and sensors to the design of modern interfaces for complex business applications. Students learn and apply software engineering and usability engineering techniques. This includes object-oriented modeling and system design as well as the realization of graphical user interfaces, usability testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery. Real industrial partners provided the problem statements and acted as clients. 10 industry partners participated in the iPraktikum SS18/19, each with a different problem statement and its own team. More than 100 students delivered these applications using agile techniques and communicating continuously to their clients. 

Program Management

Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügge Dora Dzvonyar Dominic Henze Florian Bodlée
Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügge Dora Dzvonyar Dominic Henze Florian Bodlée


Program Management

Program Management

Program Management


The chart shows the project based organization of the course. All projects are shown as columns including information about customer, project management and student team. A team of twelve student coaches dealt with the project management of the teams. Furthermore cross-project teams with one member of each team (horizontal bars) dealt with different aspects during the project. The release management team was in charge of the right usage of version control, continuous integration, continuous delivery and feedback management. The Merge Management team kept an eye on the right use of the git branching model and the incorporation of a pull request workflow. The modeling team was responsible for the modeling activities including the creation of informal models, i.e. trailer, mockups and UML diagrams to improve the communication of difficult aspects within the team.



Project: BR

The BR iOS application enables people to become a weather reporter themselves. This is possible by offering a platform on which they can report a lot of different weather attributes. The same application can be used to view the reported weather for a precise location. Some of the reports will be broadcasted to your favorite BR radio station.

Team members: Mariana Avezum (Project Leader), Lars Schwegmann (Coach), Robert Hamsch, Laurenz Baumgart, Manuel Voppmann, Zeyu Zhou, Frederic Forster, Felix Schrimper, Christoph Burhenne, Nico Nußer

Customers: Florian Thoma, Michael Thanei, Raphaela Fischer

                (Project videos omitted due to non-disclosure agreement)

Project: B/S/H/

(Project description omitted due to non-disclosure agreement)

Team members: Sajjad Taheritanjani (Project Leader), Gülce Basar (Coach), Kevin Huang, Erasmus Hertel, Nikolay Stoyanov, Anna Portnova, Lukas Konwitschny, Charles Donven, Nicola Miskowiec, Aulona Shabani

Customers: Berkay Ogulcan Tutal, Maria Terradez


Project: Capgemini

cARgemini is a smart incident support app for assembly line workers in the automotive industry. The app offers several tools to aid workers during the quality assurance process. With the help of Apple’s ARKit and CoreML, cARgemini lets an inspector scan car parts and automatically detect damages. The damages are classified, measured and annotated in augmented reality. After identifying the damage, the inspector is also able to attach additional information like a photo or a video. When done the inspector can forward all incidents and their location to a responsible mechanic capable of fixing it.

Team members: Jan Philip Bernius (Project Leader), Daniel Schlingmann (Coach), Michael Schott, Danny Smialy, Thomas Böhm, Nils Faulhaber, Nicolas Neudeck, Ngoc-Minh Tran, Anna Kovaleva, Daniel Svendsen

Customers: Dr. Constantin Scheuermann, Fedor Fedoseev


Project: CMU

The IW Control app empowers individuals to control IoT devices at CMU's Intelligent Workplace using Augmented Reality. Occupants can aim at a device with their smartphone camera and change its state with a tap on their screen. This way, one can manage a large number of devices intuitively. Moreover, energy reports can be analyzed within the app to raise awareness for energy consumption and identify opportunities to improve one's green footprint.

Team members: Dominic Henze & Florian Bodlée (Project Leader), Adrian Hölzl (Coach), Elisa Xiao, Ninah Nyaranga Wambugu, Thomas van Loo, Ruiyun Xie, Maximilian Pfleger, Tobias Eyl, Philipp Eichstetter, David Drews, Philipp Sedlmeier

Customers: Prof. Vivian Loftness, Paul Schmiedmayer


Project: iHaus

CityJuice is an application which allows owners of electric cars to share access to charging stations easily. It emphasizes the social aspect and lets you compete with other friends for JuicyPoints. Besides, it is highly customizable by providing managing options to either your charging stations or the ones you have access to. Furthermore, it adapts to your behavior to give you suggestions for your favorite time slots or suggestions for new charging stations in your area.

Team members: Jan Johanßen (Project Leader), Loomila Hada (Coach), Sihan Zhao, Lucas Krauße, Leanda Xhymshiti, Abdul Moeed, Klaudia Madhi, Patrick Sowinski, Alexander Collins, Anh Nguyen

Customers: Ralf Pfleghar, Anton Weber


Project: MRI

The SHARP app guides Patients with hand injuries through their rehabilitation. The app assists the patients performing their daily exercises, measures the Patient’s movements through a smart glove, and gives real-time feedback on the exercise performance.

Team members: Nadine von Frankenberg und Ludwigsdorff (Project Leader), Alexander Schmidle (Coach), Viktoria Markova, Agnes Pilch, Cristian Dragnea, Matthias Unterfrauner, Muris Causevic, Leon Nissen, Sebastian Liedl, Alexander Zellner, Johannes Schliephake

Customers: Dr. Kai Megerle


Project: Quartett

eAssistant is an app that helps you schedule your day with your electric car. By taking your calendar appointments and your car data into account, it calculates precisely, when and where you should charge your car to make all your appointments on time. With its reactive style, it can adapt to changes in your car range, location, and calendar, and update your schedule accordingly.

Team members: Sebastian Klepper (Project Leader), Tushaar Bhatt (Coach), Ashmin Bhattarai, Jonas Merforth, Christian Münch, Kevin Michael Bondzio, Johannes Vitt, Victor Prüfer, Joana Becheva, Hannes Simon, Maximilian-Dominik Robl

Customers: Jana Grill, Jonas Reimers

(The video is omitted due to copyrighted content)

Project: Siemens

ViewGuide is an Augmented Reality app that aims to improve communication between field engineers and remote experts. The remote expert can not only see what the engineer sees but also guide him in his environment. It is based on Apple’s ARkit framework with WebRTC used for handling the peer to peer connection between users. Currently, supported features are AR drawing, the expert can leave annotations that stick to the environment, pose guidance, movements of the expert's device are translated and shown to the engineer, heatmap generation, annotations can be stored and reloaded, Apple Pencil support, gaze tracking and 3D reconstruction of the environment.

Team members: Zardosht Hodaie (Project Leader), Ann-Christin Kilian (Coach), Rameshwara Ganjigunte Nagendra Prasad, Ludwig Horner, Daniel Bode, Alexander Ungar, Stefan Vladov, Khawaja Fahad, Gizem Akdeniz, Yiu Ting Tang, Fabian Höltke

Customers: Dr. Asa MacWilliams


Project: Zeiss IMT

ZIMT allows metrologists, quality managers and production managers to share a view on a CAD model in augmented reality in real-time. You can have a car part displayed on your device as if it was really in front of you. If other people want to view the same part with you, you can invite them to a live AR session. The model can be rotated and viewed from all angles. The app runs on the iPhone as well as the head-mounted Microsoft HoloLens, so the user can keep their hands free while viewing the part.

Team members: Bernd Brügge (Project Leader), Philipp Winder (Coach), Alexandros Tsakpinis, Andi Turdiu, Moritz Schüll, Roland Würsching, Xheladin Popaj, Ruoqing Wang, Raphael Nömmer, Sander Nordeide

Customers: Matthias Gohl, Sabrina Senna


Project: Zeiss MED

The Cataract Assistant is designed to help patients who have been diagnosed with a cataract on the healing journey to ensure that the patient is sufficiently prepared for the surgery and has a proper and fast recovery after the surgery. The App builds a new bridge of communication between the doctor and patient.

Team members: Dora Dzvonyar (Project Leader), Johann Rottenfußer (Coach), Nikan Ali Zadeh Moghadam Masouleh, Henri Tyl Allgöwer, Felix Desiderato, Tobias Vitt, Ahmed Mohamed, Tobias Dümmling, Benjamin Greif, Natalia Shohina

Customers: Nicolas Bensaid, Clara Kries, Hristina Srbinoska