Research Group for Applied Software Engineering
Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Open Theses 

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Finished Theses

Merlin Mehmed Migration of Artemis' Architecture from Monolithic to Microservices Master's Thesis 2021
Lorena Schlesinger METIS: Multiplying Engagement Through Interacting Socially on the Artemis Learning Platform Master's Thesis 2021
Martin Dunker Development of Manual Assessment for Programming Exercises in the Orion Plugin Bachelor's Thesis 2021
Dominik Fuchs Teaching Analytics in Artemis Bachelor's Thesis 2021
Stefan Waldhauser Integration Learning Analytics in Artemis Bachelor's Thesis 2021
Philipp Bauch Improved Integration of Plagiarism Detection into Artemis Bachelor's Thesis 2021
Simon Leiß Securing and Scaling Artemis Websocket Architecture Bachelor's Thesis 2020
Alexander Ungar Development of an IDE Plugin for ArTEMiS Master's Thesis 2020