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Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

FishyFish adventure game available in the AppStore

Help FishyFish find his way through the endless depth of the ocean. Fishy will meet a lot of sea creatures on his adventures. Some will harm him, others will help him.

Two students, Thomas Seidl and Andreas Preg, developed the nice little adventure game during the Seminar Games Development with iOS (WS 12/13). We now published the iPhone game with tight GameCenter integration in the iOS AppStore. You can download it for free:

If you like the game, please give us a nice review with five stars :-) and share the game with your friends! More information about the game and how it was developed can be found on the FishyFish website.

Gesucht: Coaches fürs iOS Praktikum 2013


Für das iOS Praktikum 2013 suchen wir noch Coaches, die bei der Betreuung der Projektteams helfen oder projektweite Aufgaben (z.B. Build- und Release Management) übernehmen. Teilnehmende Studenten übernehmen die Verantwortung für ein Team und verbessern ihre Management Fähigkeiten in einem agilen Projekt mit einem realen Kunden. Interessierte Studenten können sich als Coach für das Seminar oder Praktikum Advanced Project Management bewerben.

Weitere Infos und Details zur Bewerbung sind auf der Website zur Veranstaltung zusammengefasst. Bei Fragen bitte an Stephan Krusche wenden.

Application for Seminar Games Development (SS13) is now possible

The Seminar Games Development with iOS will be offered again in the summer term 2013. Interested students can apply for it by filling out the application form on the course page.

In the first two weeks of April 2013, the seminar is held as a block course before the lectures start. Students first learn in interactive presentations how to work with Xcode 4.6 and how to program in Objective-C.

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macinTUM Weihnachtsfeier

 macinTUM - Lehrstuhl Informatik 1 - Angewandte Softwaretechnik - Prof. Bernd Brügge, Ph.D. 

MacinTUM 2012 quer klein


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Chair for Applied Software Engineering, TUM is now Eclipse Foundation Associate Member

We are pleased to announce that now we are a full member of the Eclipse Associate Member and Eclipse Membership At Large communities. This is a significant undertaking on our behalf to participate in, and show support for, the Eclipse ecosystem. This will further strengthen our involvement with the community, and help us work closely to provide cutting edge technological solutions based on the latest research findings.

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Technology Management @ CDTM – mach mehr aus deinem Studium!

CDTM – mach mehr aus deinem Studium! Studenten, die auch mal über den Tellerrand ihres eigenen Faches blicken möchten, sollten sich für das Zusatzstudium „Technology Management“ am Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) bewerben.

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Results of Seminar Games with iOS (WS12)

In the Seminar Games Development students learn how to develop and publish games.

12 games were developed in October 2012:

Blob Roller Lingo Road Rage Trunk of Crime
Blob Roller Lingo Road Rage Trunk of Crime
Boss Puzzle Nasty Squirrel Fancy Uphill Valley
Boss Puzzle Nasty Squirrel Fancy Uphill Valley
Fishy Fish Puzzle To Exit Towers Vs Aliens Warty Warthog
Fishy Fish Puzzle To Exit Towers vs. Aliens Warty Warthog


Find out more about the games on the seminar page!

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Hilfskraft zum Aufbau und Betreuung der DOLLI6-Infrastruktur gesucht

Für unser studentisches Großpraktikum DOLLI6 suchen wir noch Hiwi-Unterstützung beim Aufbau und der Betreuung der Praktikums-Infrastruktur. Die genaue Stellenausschreibung finden Sie hier.

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Eclipse Plugin Development Lab Course Summer 2012

The results of this summers Eclipse Plugin Development Lab Course are now online.

The iOS Praktikum 2012

In the iOS Praktikum 2012, more than 80 students developed iOS applications in real projects with 11 real companies.

More information about the projects as well as their results can be seen by clicking onto one of the companies.
Robot-based speaker selection in a distributed video conference
Controlling an airplane with an iPhone
iPad based center console for the F12
Maiborn Wolff et al
Holiday Companion for the pocket
Customized catering for large events
Siemens CIT
Indoor-Navigation for Buildings
Bokowsky + Laymann
Teaching German to Foreigners with an Accent
Simon Pierro
iPhone Magic for everyone
iPad support for the Siemens EQ.7 coffee machine
Speech-based CASE tool
Home control system with out a server

Find out more at the project page.

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