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Forschungsgruppe für Angewandte Softwaretechnik

Learn Swift in the iOS Praktikum

Apple KeynoteApple mentioned us as one of the first universities worldwide to teach Swift. Currently over 100 students in 11 teams are taking part in the iOS Praktikum and have just begun to create their first own Swift Apps to solve real problems of our industry partners. If you want to learn more about this years iOS Praktikum see Watch the results from this summer on If you eagerly want to learn more about Swift: We plan to run another course in the summer term, stay tuned!

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Results of iOS Praktikum 2014

In the iOS Praktikum 2014 more than 100 students developed iOS applications in real projects with 11 companies.

iNappkin: Usability Tests with iPads Damage Reporting for E-Bikes
TV Quiz App Online Appointment Scheduling for Car Maintenance
Personalized Flight Itinerary Remote Control of BoinxTV with an iPad
Innovative User Interface for Marketing of the Dash System Smart Control for the Intelligent Workplace
E-Learning Platform with Augmented Reality Interactive Showrooms with Augmented Reality
KneeHapp: Rapid Rehabilitation of Ligament Ruptures  

Find out more and watch videos of all final presentations on the project page!

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Results of iOS Praktikum 2013

In the iOS Praktikum 2013 more than 100 students developed iOS applications in real projects with 10 companies.

Sierra - Siemens Real Estate Room Advisor Interactive 3D Configurator for Retail Stores
Pedelec App - Rent an E-Bike Travel Navigator for your iPhone
Connecting People in Project-based Organizations Bringing the Bavarikon 3D Content to iPhone and iPad
Discover a city with your Audi Support for Rescue Helicopters
Mobile Shoe Configurator Access to Buildings with the iPhone


Find out more and watch videos of all final presentations on the project page!

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Noah's 20, Spooky's Castle and BreakTacular in the AppStore

Three adventure games - developed in the Seminar Games Development with iOS (SS13) - finally made it into the iOS AppStore.

Noah's 20

Noah needs your help! He tries to rescue the animals into his arch while the great flood is coming, but he needs someone who steers his ship! God challenges Noah with throwing objects that complicate Noahs plan to catch the animals. Luckily god also throws good things at Noahs ark (by Isabel Max and Pascal Schliski)

Download for free in the AppStore for iPhone and iPad:

Spooky Spooky hasn't been a ghost for very long, and he still has a lot to learn! Guide him through obstacles on his way through the castle by tilting your device. Whatever you do, don't let Spooky disappear of the screen. Collect power ups to help Spooky on his journey! Can you beat the highscore? (by Leonhard Spiegelberg and Dominik Münch)

Download for free in the AppStore for iPhone:


Get excited about the brand-new remake of the classic arcade game from 1976. Honoring the masterpiece "Breakout", we decided to enhance the gaming experience by adding a unique graphic style and some fancy game features. So grab your pad and check it out! (by Julian Geiger and Sebastian Speth)

Download for free in the AppStore for iPad:

Space Defense

Space Defense is a Tower Defense game where the player protects his planet from incoming spaceships. By destroying a spaceship the player gets credits, that he can use to build cannons. He can also get credits by collecting the diamonds appearing randomly on the map. (by Benedikt Loebbecke and Christian Eichhorn)

Download for free in the AppStore for iPad: 

If you like one of the games, please give us a nice review with five stars :-) and share the game with your friends! More information about the games and how they were developed can be found on the seminar website.

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iOS Praktikum 2013 - Client Acceptance Test



We like to cordially invite everyone to the final presentations (Client Acceptance Test) of the iOS Praktikum 2013 with 10 exciting projects and presentations.

The event takes places on Thursday, July 18 between 4:15 and 7:30 pm (CET) in lecture hall 1 (HS1). You can see the agenda of the event and more information about the projects on

Like last year, we have a livestream to the Internet, you can watch the presentations on


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FishyFish adventure game available in the AppStore

Help FishyFish find his way through the endless depth of the ocean. Fishy will meet a lot of sea creatures on his adventures. Some will harm him, others will help him.

Two students, Thomas Seidl and Andreas Preg, developed the nice little adventure game during the Seminar Games Development with iOS (WS 12/13). We now published the iPhone game with tight GameCenter integration in the iOS AppStore. You can download it for free:

If you like the game, please give us a nice review with five stars :-) and share the game with your friends! More information about the game and how it was developed can be found on the FishyFish website.

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Gesucht: Coaches fürs iOS Praktikum 2013


Für das iOS Praktikum 2013 suchen wir noch Coaches, die bei der Betreuung der Projektteams helfen oder projektweite Aufgaben (z.B. Build- und Release Management) übernehmen. Teilnehmende Studenten übernehmen die Verantwortung für ein Team und verbessern ihre Management Fähigkeiten in einem agilen Projekt mit einem realen Kunden. Interessierte Studenten können sich als Coach für das Seminar oder Praktikum Advanced Project Management bewerben.

Weitere Infos und Details zur Bewerbung sind auf der Website zur Veranstaltung zusammengefasst. Bei Fragen bitte an Stephan Krusche wenden.

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The iOS Praktikum 2012

The iOS Praktikum 2012 with more than 100 students will start with the Kickoff on 19th of April at HS1.

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Games Development with iOS

The seminar starts at Monday, 2nd of April, 9:00 am. Students first learn in interactive presentations how to develop games for iPhone or iPads.

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The iOS Praktikum 2011

The objective of this course was the development of applications that experiment with modern user interface requirements. Students got to know background, tools and methods required to develop applications for the iOS.

In addition to software engineering concepts like object oriented analysis, design and realization of GUI based applications participants learned the key concepts of usability engineering.


For this course, real industrial partners provided their problem statements. Students got real team and project experience while actually using real data and working tightly together with the client.

In short: Students developed a real iOS application under real world conditions, including a real deadline.



Recommendation and configuration of audio profiles for hearing devices


iPad based center console for the R8


Bavarian Symphony Orchestra
A baton to learn conducting


Market research application for the customers of a super market


Adaptive non linear learning game


Logistics application for the management of an ice chest



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