Flipped Conference Format

The CSEE&T 2020 conference will provide the same collaborative and lively atmosphere that we enjoy about the conference series. For this reason, we have conceived a new, innovative “flipped conference” format designed to maximize the discussions and collaborations. The format is centered around the following main pillars:

  1. Paper Presentation Videos. Papers will be presented in brief 8-15 minute videos that will be provided asynchronously. Participants can read the papers and/or watch the presentations in advance.
  2. Flipped Paper Sessions. Rather than traditional sessions with paper presentations followed by Q&A, we will host panel-style discussion sessions comprising of thematically similar papers.
  3. Presenter/Discussant Format. From the pool of presenters in each session, each paper will be assigned a discussant tasked with preparing a very brief summary and questions to initiate the discussion. At the beginning of the session, a brief 1-slide pitch summarizing the paper will be shown to kick-start discussions before discussants take over. At that point, other participants are welcome to join the discussion.
  4. Live Broadcast Keynotes and Satellite Events. Keynotes, Workshops, Tutorials, and the ASEE&T program will be delivered live.

Together with breakout rooms for “coffee break chats,” we anticipate that this will help facilitate a lively conference atmosphere.

Follow these links to read our guidelines for Presenters / Discussants and Participants, as well as general suggestions for a smooth and positive conference experience for everyone. Satellite event presenters and participants, please contact your workshop, tutorial, or panel organizers.