Industry Point of View: Software Engineering and Lifelong Learning

What is the view on software engineering education from industry? What are typical challenges? How do we encourage and enable lifelong learning? We present our experiences from an IT consulting company that typically grows 20-30% per year with currently 460 colleagues.

Key issues we will discuss are:

  • what kind of people you have to deal with in the industry
  • how to deal with career changers
  • relevant team dynamics 
  • helpful feedback loops
  • what freedom is needed for experimentation and learning
  • what is completely different in the real products/systems than in the trivial examples in teaching


Gerhard Müller holds a degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Munich. He is currently Managing Partner at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH.

Franziska Steinecker holds a degree in Computer Science from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. She is currently Software Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH.

Recording of the Poster Session and Industry Point of View