Presenter / Discussant Guidelines

Our flipped conference model requires a bit extra preparation on your part before, during, and after the conference. The success of the conference depends on you:

Before the Conference:

  • Please prepare an 8-15min video of your paper, any way you can. There are no formal constraints on what your video should be like. For example, you could create an illustrative video, or a more educational video, or simply a recording of your slide presentation (e.g., using screen capture or PowerPoint slide recorder).
  • Be sure the video is of high (technical) quality. Ideally, the video should have:
    • At least 1080p (or 4K) resolution
    • At least 192kbit of mpeg 3 sound
    • Clearly legible text, slides, images, and graphics (mind your image resolution and aspect ratio and keep in mind that participants might watch your video on a small screen)
    • We recommend at most 5 lines of text / 5 bullet points per slide
    • Be sure your voice is audible, not too soft, not over modulated (distorted), and the sound level is homogeneous throughout the video.
  • Prepare a 1-slide teaser pitch telling people your key contribution. This pitch is hold as part of the live conference.
  • Upload your video and teaser slide through this link: (sorry, time’ is up)
    Name your files by session abbreviation, first author surname, and the first five words of your paper title. Example:
    Studios Smith Exploring Students Perceptions of Software.mp4
  • (recommended) You may also prepare a slide deck of your presentation and upload them as well.
  • Deadline for uploads: October 22, 2020, anywhere on earth
  • After you received your discussant assignment by email for a similar paper in your assigned session, please read their paper, watch their video, and browse their slides and prepare 3-5 questions for the presentation you discuss. The questions can be anything you consider insightful and would spark participant discussion, clarifications, or perhaps a comment on your take on some contribution.
  • Familiarize yourself with the virtual conference technology
  • Familiarize yourself with the conference code of conduct

During the Conference:

  • At the time of your scheduled presentation, please join the session channel through the link that will be provided to you.
  • As the session chair displays your 1-slide teaser, please provide a brief 2-3min verbal summary of your work.
  • Mind that you will be responsible for presenting your screen.
  • The session chair will then invite the discussant. If this is you, ask your questions or comments and help us ignite the discussion.
  • Check out the live streams of all sessions on the CSEE&T Conference Series Youtube Channel.
  • We may take video and/or picture recordings of sessions for conference and session summaries and/or marketing.

After the Conference:

  • Your presentation video will be made on the CSEE&T conference YouTube channel.
  • You continue to have access to proceedings for a limited time at the discretion of the publisher.