Virtual Conference Technology

Since #cseet2020 has moved to an online event with a new, flipped conference format, some systems and technologies are required to attend. If you plan on attending CSEE&T 2020, you may want to familiarize yourself with the following technologies.

Zoom. is a free video conferencing software. All conference events (i.e., main conference sessions, tutorials, workshops, and panels) will take place live via Zoom. You need no own account. You will access Zoom through Slack integration using Virtual Office (see below).

Slack. Slack is a free chat-based collaboration software successfully used by many companies and distributed teams. All conference events (i.e., main conference sessions, tutorials, workshops, and panels) will use Slack as the place for text-based discussions and questions. You will use your own Slack account to log in to Zoom sessions through the overview given by Virtual Office (see below).

Virtual Office. Virtual Office is a front-end that combines Zoom and Slack to allow conference attendees to meet and mingle. Through Virtual Office, you can see who is in which conference session, quickly get in contact with other attendees (through Slack), and jump into virtual coffee break rooms for a chat or two. After registration is complete and payment was received, all attendees will be added to our Virtual Office installation managed by our sponsor TNG Technology Consulting. You will receive a link to our conference installation of VirtualOffice — there is nothing you need to do except visit the link we will provide. (Alas, if you’re interested in the technology, VirtualOffice is available on Github.)

YouTube. Youtube certainly needs no explanation. All conference sessions will be live streamed for registered attendees. Presenter videos will be made available on the CSEE&T conference series channel.

We have provided some guidelines that presenters and participants may use to prepare. Also check out our best practices to make sure everyone gets the most out of their conference experience.