Software Development Processes

Session Chair: Stephen Chenoweth

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  • Pedro Marques and Marcelo Schots: Requirements Engineering Out of the Classroom: Anticipating Challenges Experienced in Practice [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Franziska Dobrigkeit
  • Franziska Dobrigkeit: InnoDev Workshop: A One Day Introduction to combining Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile software development [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussants: Pedro Marques and Marcelo Schots
  • Moritz Marutschke: Teaching Distributed Requirements Engineering: Simulation of an Offshoring Project With Geographically Separated Teams [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussant: Barış Ardıç,
  • Barış Ardıç: Creation of a Serious Game For Teaching Code Review: An Experience Report [paper | slides | teaser | video] — Discussants: Moritz Marutschke
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